Food Projects Intern

The Food Projects Intern (Food Intern) will be responsible for assisting with projects that engage students in making the food systems supporting OSU organic, local, environmentally responsible, and socially beneficial. He or she will work with the Energy Project Coordinator, SSI staff, volunteers, OSU faculty and staff, and Corvallis community members to make sure these projects are successful.

Food Projects Intern

We are looking for a motivated, enthusiastic individual to come on board as a food projects intern starting this winter term! You will have the opportunity to work on a brand new project involving mapping out the types of food available on and around OSU’s campus (i.e. vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, locally sourced, etc.) The goal of this project is to provide a resource for OSU students so they are more aware of the choices available to them, and make informed decisions about what they’re eating or maybe try something new.

Open to Applications
Employment Dates and Hours: 

Work at least 1-5 hours/week for the duration of the internship. (Additional hours may be negotiated.)

The SSI will work with the student to secure credit for the internship.