Food Projects Coordinator

The SSI staff member responsible for actively participating in food systems projects that engage students with the various institutions of the OSU community to make them more sustainable.

Sneha Gantla

Photograph of Sneha Gantla .
Food Projects Coordinator

Kelly Fedderson

Photograph of Kelly Fedderson.
Food Projects Coordinator

As the Food Projects Coordinator at the SSI, Kelly Fedderson works to connect the OSU community with its sources of sustenance and promote thoughtful and sustainable eating.


Katie Gaudin

Photograph of Katie Gaudin.
Food Projects Coordinator

As the Food Systems Coordinator, Katie Gaudin, helps inspire students to get involved in food related efforts on campus, working on sustainability campaigns, and co-leading the OSU Food Group, and organizes cooking classes and informational workshops about food and sustainability on campus. Throughout here career, she has held various jobs related to business and sustainability. Before joining the SSI, she was a Student Intern for the Austin Family Business Program at OSU. Before that: a co-founder of Green Eye Marketing, in which she was responsible for marketing a Portland furniture manufacturing company. Currently a senior at OSU, Kaite is majoring in Business Administration, and minoring in Spanish. After graduating this spring, she hopes to find a job that allows her to combine business expertise with passion for sustainability and social responsibility. After working for a year or two, she plans on returns to school to get an MBA. She loves biking, hiking, swimming, reading, playing on beaches, picking apart TV shows with friends, and enjoying good food. 


Food Projects Coordinator

The Food Projects Coordinator (Food Coordinator) will be responsible for actively participating in food projects that engage students with the various institutions/departments of the OSU community to make them more sustainable.  He/she will be an employee of the SSI, receiving direction and supervision from the SSI Director(s).  He/she will work w

Open to Applications
Employment Dates and Hours: 

Staff transition training will begin May 5th, 2014 and run approximately 10 hours during the spring term. Summer hours may be available. All-staff training is required and runs September 10th-26th, 2014.  Project Coordinators work from 10-15 hours per week during the academic year. 

$9.60 per hour