Marketing Form

This form is for marketing your event with design and visibility coordinators. Filling out this form atleast a month in advance of your event is best.

Who is the contact person for these marketing items

What is the TITLE of the event? Tag line if any

Please provide a short paragraph or summary of what the event is, and what you could expect if you came to the event

What date is the event, what time does it start, what is the duration?

What date does the event start? Leave blank if it is the same day as it ends


Time that the event is happening

Name of place, and address or cross streets if not on campus

Why should students come to this event? (i.e. learn about sustainability, get involved, free food, music, meet new people, etc.)

What do you need designed? (keep in mind marketing expenses, look at Marketing Materials Guide)

Select the listservs you want this event to go to. More to come in this list

How do you want to get your event out

If requesting posters and flyers, how many of each do you need, and what sizes would you like? Is there any other information that I should know about this event, or that you would like to add about designs in general?

If there is any more information you think I should know about making your event more visible say so here