Leading by Example, Teaching with Conviction

Internationally recognized for its safety, educational opportunities, bicycle accessibility, and energy purchasing history… by all accounts, Corvallis is a leader in green livability and an epicenter of sustainable studies and achievements. But that’s not all.

Many of our farms are organic, many of our wineries are pesticide-free, and our farmers' markets are bustling. We have more green buildings per capita than anywhere else in the country. From our composting program to our green energy challenge, from our co-op grocery stores to our sustainability groups, community has been the backbone of eco-friendly change in Corvallis. However, a wonderful community to live and work in has just been the beginning.

As the home to Oregon State University, one of the largest and most recognized research universities in the country, Corvallis is in a unique position of not just leading by example, but also teaching sustainability to a new generation of leaders. This past year, Oregon State University (OSU) was named a "Campus Sustainability Leader" by the Sustainable Endowments Institute.

Being a part of the OSU community, you are inherently part of two worlds. You are a citizen of Corvallis – able to enjoy the farmers markets, bicycle paths, and energy credits – and a student, faculty, or staff-member of an internationally renowned research university – challenged to go above and beyond, addressing the issues of tomorrow, as well as those of today. Organic fair-trade coffee, community gardens, student activism, a lack of sleep, wave energy pistons, well-loved bicycles, and the philosophy of environmentalism mingle here.

From our tree-lined streets, to our state of the art laboratories and classrooms,Corvallis and Oregon State University are pursuing sustainability like few places on earth. Take a hike in the beautiful hills that cup our community, or sit down for an award winning locally grown meal. Sustainability isn’t achieved in a month or a year, but then again, one doesn’t receive awards for sustainable livability accidentally.


This article was originally written by Morgan Dumitru for the 2011 Corvallis Visitor's Guide. While the content may be slightly out of date, the sentiment and priciniples hold true.