Sustainable Energy Revolving Loan Fund (SERLF)

Started in January 2010, the Sustainable Energy Revolving Loan Fund (SERLF) is a program of the OSU Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI) Fee Board that provides a local source of low interest financing to help accelerate sustainable energy projects on the Oregon State University Corvallis Campus. The purpose of the fund is to assist projects that make the campus more energy efficient and decrease use of non-renewable energy. It particularly encourages projects involving students and hands-on education with the goal of creating competent graduates in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Financed projects should provide student learning opportunities and demonstrate environmental leadership while providing economic benefit.   

Funding is delivered through a competitive application process. Minimum loan size is $5,000; there is no maximum on individual projects. Currently, a total fund of $300,000 is available for projects. Please read the SERLF Instructions for more detail.

As per Oregon University System policy, interest is assessed at the rate of 2 percentage points above the rate paid by the Oregon Short Term Fund during the term of the loan.  The SERLF interest rate since October 28, 2010 has been 2.50%.  Please check the Oregon Short Term Fund website for updates. 

Potential applicants are asked to thoroughly read the SERLF Instructions document prior to applying.  Loan terms are binding and non-negotiable once both parties have signed a Loan Agreement. 

Campus entities are invited to submit projects that have distinct and calculable payback.  Projects will be funded based on speed of payback and other criteria established by the Board.  Applicants are required to complete an Application Form and are encouraged to contact the OSU Sustainability Coordinator or a SSI Board Member prior to applying, or when filling out the Application Form.  The Sustainability Coordinator acts at the Board’s direction in implementing the SERLF.

Any questions should be directed, as early in the process as possible, to the OSU Sustainability Coordinator.


Documents and Forms


Get Involved

Whether or not you're planning to apply for SERLF funding, you can be involved.  Contribute to the SERLF by making a donation through the OSU Foundation.  While any amount is welcome, a gift of $25 matches the annual per student contribution. 


This information can also be found on the Funding page of the OSU Sustainability Office's website.