Students Take Charge!

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600 people participated in Campuses Take Charge 2012!

Between 2011 and 2012, Take Charge programs are committed to engaging ten percent of Corvallis (about 5,500 people) in reducing their energy use through no-cost and low-cost actions. If everyone who registers for the program completes three energy-saving actions for one month, we estimate that we will mitigate the equivalent of 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere. Many of those energy-saving actions will persist into the future and continue to reduce the energy demand of our city.

Where does OSU come in? 

Campuses Take Charge, a branch of Corvallis' Communities Take Charge program, is an annual conservation effort that encourages students to try three new energy-saving actions for a month. Once finished, participants complete a survey logging their results, which are then added to the OSU total. Those who complete the survey are eligible to receive an exclusive Take Charge Coupon Card featuring local Corvallis businesses. In 2012 these businesses are Block 15, Les Caves Bier and Kitchen, Roxy Dawgs, Cycle Solutions, Nearly Normals, Benton Habitat for Humanity Restore, Second Glance, Second Glance Annex, The Alley, and the First Alternative Co-Op.

The survey to take part in Campuses Take Charge is closed for 2012. To participate year-round as part of the city effort, please visit EnergizeCorvallis.org.

How did we do?

The results are in for 2012's Campuses Take Charge campaign. Just how much was saved through student efforts?

24,569 lbs. of carbon

5,638 kWh

264 gal of H20

3,352 gal of gasoline

Well done, OSU!