Volunteer Highlight of January 2013

The student Sustainability has provided me with a very insightful new experience. Being open to new experiences is what made it possible to explore something new and exciting.

Before I came to Corvallis, I wasn't a huge fan of gardening or landscaping. I never thought it could be something I was interested in. Today I think of the garden as an enjoyable place to volunteer my time and effort.

With SSI it is an experience that could be as simple as helping to contemplate while watering the garden. But it can be more than just that, it is a chance to learn more about how I could take part in nurturing a garden that gives food to those who needs it and provide me with tacit and applied knowledge about sustainability.

I think about the future of the SSI as a platform for OSU students to increase the sustainability of their environment by taking correct actions and appropriate lifestyle options. For me it started by giving more time to take care of a small and beautiful garden.


If you would like to volunteer join our listserv to find out about more opportunities 

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