Opportunity: Decide when the Food Group meets!

Date & Time: 
Thu, 04/07/2011 - 6:00pm

There are many projects that are already in the works for spring.  These include the dining center tasting tables, cooking classes, potlucks, the movie series, earth week events, carrot mobbing, and more (stay tuned for specific dates).  Other potential projects include visits to local farms and working with UHDS on a food stand.  If you have an idea or specific project you want to work on, we want to hear it!  Come to our weekly meetings to share your idea and discuss how we can help to make it happen.  Last term our weekly meetings were on Monday at 6:30.  Because schedules change with the term, below is a new doodle link to figure out what times work best for everybody.  Please fill it out if you're thinking about attending the meetings.