Fee Board

The Student Sustainability Initiative Fee Advisory Board (SSI Fee Board) is the group charged with managing revenue generated by the Oregon State University (OSU) Incidental Sustainability and Recycling Fee. The board is composed of five voting and four non-voting members, all of whom must be current students, faculty, or staff of OSU. Details can be found in the board's bylaws. The Fee Board is the governing body for the SSI and is primarily responsible for:

  • Strategic planning to support student sustainability efforts at OSU
  • Approving SSI's annual budget
  • Managing SSI Grant Programs, including Green Fee, Student Wage, Travel, Project and Research Grants
  • Managing the Sustainable Energy Revolving Loan Fund program
For more information on the funds managed by the SSI Fee Board, visit the grants section of our website.


Regular Board meetings are held at the OSU Student Sustainability Center. For specific dates and times, please contact the SSI Fee Board Chair at ssi.feeboard [at] oregonstate.edu. Meeting minutes can be found here.

SSI Fee Board Members

2013-2014 Voting Members

Elliott Finn
Andrew Futerman, ASOSU Environmental Affairs Task Force Director
Tim Oravec
Jesse Pettibone
Cassidy Radloff, Fee Board Chair

2013-2014 Non-Voting Members

Emily Bowling, Assistant Director Civic Engagement & Sustainability
Jen Christion Myers, Student Sustainability Advisor
Patrick Mahedy, SIFC Liaison
Olivia Poblacion, SSI Director
Rachel Tholl, SSI Administrative Coordinator
Brandon Trelstad, Sustainability Coordinator