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To be eligible to hold a student staff position within Student Leadership and Involvement, a student must be “in good standing,” which requires a student to meet the following standards:
1. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above as an undergraduate or 3.0 or above as a graduate student (A higher GPA may be required for certain positions. Check specific position descriptions for details.)
2. Not be on disciplinary probation;
3. Be a regularly admitted OSU student;
4. Be currently enrolled for at least six credits at OSU

In order to have your eligibility verified, you must agree above to release your current and past class enrollment status, GPA, and disciplinary status to the appropriate Student Leadership & Involvement hiring authority, for as long as you hold the specific position listed above.

Attach Cover letter (no more than 2 pages) describing your interest and fit for a student staff position with SSI. In the cover letter, please address at least one of the following: why are you interested in working for the SSI; what do you feel you have to contribute to the program and/or the position; how do you feel the SSI can best create a culture of sustainability at OSU. (Document must be less than 800kb. Acceptable documents include .txt, .rft, .pdf, .doc or .docx)

Attach: Resume, addressing your related work, volunteer, and/or leadership experiences (Document must be less than 800kb. Acceptable documents include .txt, .rft, .pdf, .doc or .docx)