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Oregon State University

Reflections on Team Liberation

"While I was explaining to my family and friends what Team Liberation was… social justice, group facilitation, debunking assumptions… I saw blank faces staring at me. Then the words came to me, Team Liberation exists to provide a service to the OSU community in order to better create an safe environment of awareness, understanding, and empathy. We work to raise cultural awareness and improve the quality of life for our students, faculty, staff and community."

- Drew Hatlen, Facilitator, ASOSU Speaker of the House


"After hearing positive reviews about the training from my classmates, I decided to sign up for the week-long TL facilitator training with practically no idea of what to expect. Although I went into the training unsure of what was to come for the next five days, I left feeling so thankful that I signed up. When a group of people choose to attend a 40-hour training one week after the school year ends, you know that they not only want to be there, but are really excited to learn and share with the group.

It's amazing how quickly a group of strangers can become a tight-knit unit with difficult and uncomfortable conversations, but also lots and lots of laughter. I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to take part in a free, fun, and educational TL facilitator training experience! Although I originally didn't think that I had the skills to lead a group of students in sometimes difficult dialogue, I now know that I can and look forward to taking my facilitation skills to real life situations on campus next year."

-Courtney Nikolay, Facilitator, Graduate Student