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Faciliator Information

Facilitator Information

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Get Academic Credit! Internship Course Information

Credits: Variable 2-3 credits (includes 1 credit for participating and completing Human Relations Facilitator training)


Course Description:

This course is meant to guide and provide a framework for an in-depth internship with Team Liberation.  This internship will afford students opportunities to develop and practice a comprehensive understanding of human relations facilitation skills, and critical consciousness about theoretical and practical approaches to large and small group communication.  We engage this subject matter through exploration of societal issues related to race/ethnicity, class, sex/gender, sexuality/affectionality, gender identity, disabilities, socioeconomic status, spirituality/religion, and other aspects of group, individual and cultural diversity.


Students will participate in Team Liberation’s Human Relations Facilitation training, which employs instruction, readings, discussions, interactive exercises, participation, self-reflection and guided teaching experiences. Students will then complete internship hours around the subject areas/topics in which they would like to develop (e.g., curriculum development, facilitation of experiential sessions; outreach).

  • Offered every term.
  • To register, or for more information, please contact: Melissa Yamamoto                  
  • Email:   
  • Phone: (541) 737-6385


Advanced Training Fund

The Advanced Training Fund provides awards to active Team Liberation student facilitators to aid in participating in social justice trainings and retreats outside of what Team Liberation offers.

This need-based scholarship is available to cover full or partial registration, travel, lodging and expenses. It is most receptive to proposals for partial funding (up to 65%) of an entire trip, or full funding of particular need of a particular trip (i.e. registration, lodging, travel, food, etc.). In special circumstances, where it would be beneficial to provide full funding, this option will be considered. Funding will be available until it is completely distributed (i.e., first come basis). We cannot provide retroactive appropriation or awards (i.e., you cannot apply for this scholarship to cover costs for a training/retreat you have already attended).


Applicants must have an interest in social justice issues, have completed Team Liberation Facilitator training (offered biannually), be an active member, and be able to complete the Expected Outcomes.  It is anticipated that attending this training will benefit both the applicant and Team Liberation: 1) applicants will further their self-development on topics such as, leadership development, awareness of social justice issues, and improved intercultural communication, and 2) Team Liberation will receive new information, including ideas for new Team Liberation exercises, awareness of how issues related to diversity and human relations are handled at other campuses and organizations, new/different perspectives on diversity and human relations, and other information not currently found at OSU or in the local community


Expected Outcomes from Awardees (to be completed within 1 term following the training/retreat):

  • Complete self-assessment of how attendance at the training or retreat improved the following skill areas: leadership ability, diversity awareness/training, and intercultural communication (an assessment sheet will be provided).
  • Create a presentation for members of Team Liberation and the campus community that includes what you learned at the training/retreat and how it applies to Team Liberation and the campus community.
  • Facilitate at least 2 Team Liberation workshops after training/retreat attendance.
  • Create and implement 1 new exercise for Team Liberation that meets Team Liberation’s mission and is appropriate in length and content to be used in a workshop.