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Center for Civic Engagement  - Snell Hall 158 | 541.737.3041 | cce@oregonstate.edu
Better yourself, better the world through community engagement. In partnership with community-based organizations, the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) facilitates meaningful service, community engagement, and educational programs. The CCE strives to:

  • Engage students in service, philanthropy, and activism based work,
  • Meet diverse community-identified needs,
  • Create positive change in local and global communities,
  • Enhance knowledge of self and sense of place,
  • Inspire students to have a heightened sense of responsibility for the communities around them,
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities, and
  • Foster active citizenship and social responsibility.

Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life
- Snell Hall 151 | 541.737.5432 | GreekLife@oregonstate.edu
A diverse and exciting experience for you. With 44 organizations and 2,800 students there is great academic support, service and philanthropy projects, intramurals and great people to meet.

Center for Leadership Development
-  Memorial Union 203 | 541.737.5323 | leadership.sli@oregonstate.edu
We support the needs of the OSU students in identifying leadership opportunities. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to explore their personal identity and develop their leadership skills and potential.

Student Events & Activities Center - Memorial Union 103 |  541.713.8368 | events.sli@oregonstate.edu | Facebook | Twitter - @OSUSEAC
Student Events & Activities Center provides opportunities for OSU students to Engage In What Matters. The Center focuses on the support and development of students as programmers, leaders and active community members.  The Center’s programs are committed to enhancing the student experience by creating opportunities for students to gain a sense of mattering, belonging and lifetime connection to the OSU community.  The Center promotes tradition, celebration, learning, global engagement, social justice and legacy through activities, initiatives, cultural programming, student organization support and community participation. 


Our Student-Coordinated Programs

Coalition for Community Dialogue - Snell Hall 154 | 541.737.9857 | community.dialogue@oregonstate.edu
The Coalition for Community Dialogue (formerly Team Liberation) believes in justice for humanity through dialogue, continuous learning, and intentional experiences. Have you taken courses, attended conferences, or participated in retreats, workshops, or any other activities that have inspired in you a passion for social justice? We are building a network, where people who have had experiences like these can meet to support one other and to learn and grow together. To do this, we hold regular meetings and quarterly trainings. Additionally, we hold an annual conference and sometimes do workshops, which allows people to engage with us at any level. Connect with us on Facebook.

International Student of Oregon State University - International Resource Center - Memorial Union Lounge | 541.737.6348 | isosu@oregonstate.edu
The International students of Oregon State University (ISOSU) leads in creating a community that enhances and influences the student experience. ISOSU facilitates cross-cultural interaction and understanding by inviting many voices from around the world to be heard. ISOSU is committed to supporting and developing a wide range of international opportunities for the OSU community focusing on the education of issues and appreciation of cultures on this university campus.  ISOSU is responsible for the International Resource Center (IRC), located in the Memorial Union.  The IRC provides resources and programming - including bi-weekly coffee hours, skype stations and international TV channels - for the OSU international and globally-minded community.

Memorial Union Program Council - Memorial Union 103 | 541.737.6872 | mupc.director@oregonstate.edu
The Memorial The Memorial Union Program Council (MUPC) is a student-run organization that plans and produces an array of diverse, high quality, and entertaining events that enhance student life and contribute to overall student development.  All students are welcome to get involved with our planning committees for all MUPC events.

Student Sustainability Initiative - 738 SW 15th Street | 541-753-4072 | ssi.admin@oregonstate.edu
Supporting student efforts in creating a culture of sustainability at OSU through action, education, and opportunity.

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Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life
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Center for Leadership Development
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