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SIFC Expenses

The SIFC does have operating expenses in order to operate fully, and we want to be as transparent as possible surrounding these expenses.  On this page you can find just about every expense that SIFC has incurred starting June 2012. If you have any concerns with how your student fees are being spent please email the Chair at: student.fees@oregonstate.edu


June 2012

Telecom Charges: The monthly charge for having a phone in the SIFC Chair's office.

July 2012

Telecom Charges

Aug 2012

Telecom charges

Sept 2012

Telecom Charges

9/20/12 A/V Equipment Rental Expense: The charge for using A/V equipment, like a projector, for meetings that we hold.

Oct 2012

Telecom Charge

October A/V Equipment Rental Expense

Binders and Dividers: Each Committee member receives their own binder to organize important documents that they will need throughout the year.

10/24/12 A/V Equipment Rental Expense

Nov 2012

11/7/12 A/V Equipment Rental Expense

11/13/12 A/V Equipment Rental Expense

11/29/12 A/V Equipment Rental Expense