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During fall term the SIFC does a lot of prep work which includes training for all the budgeting board members, as well as handing out budget guidelines which the budget boards follow when submitting their budgets to SIFC in January. Executive summaries are turned in to SIFC in the middle of fall term as well.

The SIFC does a bulk of its work during winter term when each budget board submits their budget and then gives a presentation that covers their budget submission and their organization. SIFC uses their presentation and budget submission to determine their fee level. The next step is for the fee levels to be submitted to a joint session of the ASOSU Congress. Lastly, the fee levels are sent to President Ray for final approval.

Spring term is relatively light, but throughout the whole year SIFC attends to matters such as contingency requests. SIFC also charges two committees a year to thoroughly review a budget board.


Click here to view a presentation developed to provide information regarding SIFC, the student fees process, budget areas funded by student fees, and the criteria for funding from the SIFC.