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2011-2012 Meetings and Minutes


Winter Term 2012 Meeting Schedule

Minutes are posted as they are transcribed.

-Tuesday, January 18th - 4:00pm Snell 240

-Monday, January 23rd - 6:00pm MU 207

-Monday, January 30th - 6:00pm MU 207

-Monday, February 6th - 6:00pm MU 207


-Thursday, February 9th - Budget Hearings - MU JPLC Journey Room

     -6pm: Student Sustainability Initiative  - Audio

     -7pm: Athletics  - Audio

     -8pm: SIFC/Auxillaries and Activities Business Center  - Audio


-Thursday, February 16th - Budget Hearings - MU Council Room

     -6pm: Music  - Audio

     -7pm: Educational Activities  - Audio

     -8pm: ASOSU  - Audio


-Monday, February 20th - 6:00pm MU 207


-Thursday, February 23rd - Budget Hearings - MU JPLC Journey Room

     -6pm: Counseling and Psychological Services  - Audio

     -7pm: Recreational Sports  -  Audio

     -8pm: Student Diversity Budgeting Board  - Audio


-Monday, February 27th - Budget Hearings - Dixon Recreation Center Classroom

     -6pm: Our Little Village  - Audio

     -7PM: Memorial Union  - Audio

     -8PM: Student Health Services  - Audio


-Thursday, March 1st - SIFC Open Hearing - MU Ballroom  - Audio


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