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Budget Guidelines

The Budget Guidelines are usually revised each year to adapt to better and improved budgeting practices, as well as each years new challenges and SIFC members. Completion and revision of the Budget Guidelines are one of the SIFC Chairpersons main job during the summer and fall terms. The guidelines act as well, guidelines for each organizations budget. They provide guidance on what is needed and asks direct questions or requests specific information from each organization. For the most part, budgets are due to SIFC in late January. Most of the budget presentations, the SIFC open hearing, and the ASOSU Joint Session are held in February where budgets are passed along to the OUS Chancellor and the following year's fee is set. Students are encouraged to come to all of these public events so you can see how you $437.03 of student fees are spent each term.


FY16 Budget Guidlines (for FY 14-15)

FY15 Budget Template

FY15 Excel Template

Exhibit E Excel 

Past Budget Guidelines

2012 Budget Guidelines (for FY 13-14)

2011 Budget Guidelines (for FY 12-13)

2010 Budget Guidelines (for FY 11-12)

2009 Budget Guidelines (for FY 10-11)