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Relationship Violence

Relationship Violence

Relationship violence, also referred to as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), is a pattern of coercive behaviors used to control a partner through fear and intimidation. IPV can occur in many forms:

Sexual: Coercion, having sex with you while you are sleeping, humiliation during sex, forcing sex, refusal to accept “no,” threats of retaliation.

Verbal: Name calling, insults, threats.

Emotional: Controlling, blaming, criticizing, manipulation, intimidation, unfounded jealous accusations, not allowing privacy.

Economic: Preventing you from working, getting you fired from your job, withholding money.

Physical: Throwing objects, shoving, blocking escape, pulling hair, holding you down, hitting, cutting, burning.

How is Abuse Different from Healthy Relationships?


Power and Control Wheel (PDF)

Abuse is about power and control; one person trying to make another do what s/he wants them to do through manipulation, coercion, and even physical violence.

Graphic of Power and Control Wheel 

Equality Wheel (PDF)

Healthy relationships are based upon equality, choice, freedom, respect, cooperation, and compromise.

Graphic of Equality Wheel