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Make a Report

Make a Report

Outlets for Reporting an Act of Sexual Violence

Oregon State Police/OSU Department of Public Safety: 911 or 541-737-7000
Responds to immediate safety concerns. Responds to violations of Oregon law, including sexual and interpersonal violence, which may lead to criminal proceedings.

OSU Office of Equity and Inclusion: 541-737-3556
Responds to allegations sexual harassment, including sexual violence, discriminatory harassment, and allegations of unwanted sexual contact of any kind. In addition to providing informal and formal reporting options, the staff offers consultation and advice on what procedure is likely to have the most positive outcome.

Assistance with Making a Report

Oregon Crime Victims Law Center: (503) 208-8160
The Oregon Crime Victims Law Center (OCVLC) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation that advocates for victims of crime within the criminal-justice system. OCVLC also provides referrals to social-service agencies that can help crime victims recover. The Center's services are available statewide at no cost to qualifying victims.

Please Note: The Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Support Services (see Find Support) can provide information about the options for reporting and may be able to provide support in navigating these processes.