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Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Alliance (SARPA) is committed to providing resources to all members of the campus community in service to the creation of an environment that is free from sexual violence.  Toward this goal, the information presented in this Web site is intended for a broad audience; if you have questions about this material or particular concerns not addressed here, please contact Judy Neighbours, Sexual Assault Support Services Coordinator, at 541-737-7604 or judy.neighbours@oregonstate.edu.

Sexual Violence Affects Us All

Violence has a profound impact on our community and on each of us as individuals. One in four women and one in 13 men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime (NIJCDC, 1998). We all are impacted, and we all must get involved to create change.

No One Deserves to Have Their Choices Taken Away

Sexual violence is the fault of only one person – the person who chooses to take something from someone else without their consent. Nothing a person does can make them deserve to be sexually assaulted. Everyone has the right to live a life free from violence.

We Can Make a Difference

We all have the power to be a part of the solution. We have the power to take a stand against hurtful language and actions, to believe and support survivors, and to help heal our community. For positive change to occur, we all need to get involved and work together.

It Starts With Education

Get started by choosing to educate yourself. This website has information that can be a great first step in making a difference. In the Get Help section you can learn more about options and resources available to survivors and their loved ones. In the Learn More section, you can learn about the dynamics of many types of sexual violence and ways that you can support a friend. In the Get Involved section, you can find ways to answer this call to action.