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Faculty Senate » March 2 - March 8, 2003

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Bruce Sorte

Faculty Senate Summary
March 2nd - March 8th, 2003

We seem to have avoided a couple of difficult problems as the Legislature scoured a number of contingency funds to address the additional $244.5 million revenue decline plus as much as another $225 million decline expected in the May forecast. We were also exempted from the salary rollbacks that the Governor proposed for State employees because our increases were merit based. UofO was not as fortunate. After borrowing $469.5 million and without a significant upturn in the economy/tax revenues, we will enter the next biennium with about 4% more State services than we can afford. An amount equal to the tuition surcharge may need to be added to Fall Term with another 4%.

Amongst these mixed messages, one positive initiative came through loud and clear. The Faculty Senate supported Shing Ho and Kevin Ahearn's good idea. The Foundation agreed to support their idea by not charging any processing fees and there will certainly be some. In addition, Ken and Joan Austin, owners of Austin Dental Equipment Company of Newburg, supported their good idea and have generously established a parallel Austin Challenge Fund to match donations 2 to 1. Now it's our turn to support this good idea by sending a check to the OSU Foundation for Emergency Fund for Student Access (EFSA). If you will donate, I will buy you a cup of coffee to celebrate your generosity. Send me an email indicating that you have donated and I owe you coffee and we will schedule a break at the Bean.

Provost Randhawa's fine presentation generated a number of questions about 2007. I have encouraged him to add implementation options/ideas to the presentation. As an example, if the goal is to increase extramural funding by 50% then could we give each faculty member a certain indirect cost waiver credit, a automatic match credit, set a goal to reduce indirect costs to 10% and direct cost the rest, and/or guarantee 30% of the indirect cost recoveries that are returned to the colleges/departments go to the PI to write additional proposals or extend their research program?