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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » February 10 - February 15, 2003

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Faculty Senators

Bruce Sorte

Faculty Senate Summary
February 10th - February 15th, 2003

We continue to work on the revised undergraduate admissions criteria. Bob Bontrager is revising the proposal based on your input at the February 6th Faculty Senate meeting and Sabah Randhawa will wait until we deliberate the revised proposal on March 6th to go to the Board of Higher Education with the changes.

A couple of people volunteered to serve on the Screening Committee for the new president, after the last Senate Meeting. The EC added to the list of people who we nominated and were not chosen for the Search Committee and submitted a list of 16 faculty to OUS for the Screening Committee on Friday. The Screening Committee will represent us and provide additional perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of the final candidates.

There has been some separation of professional faculty input from academic faculty input in the Presidential Search forums and committee recommendations. I believe it weakens faculty input to splinter the groups, while some would argue that it actually broadens the input by obtaining it from different groups. This is not a huge issue, and we have been very fortunate to be as involved as we have been, yet, I will follow up with the Board and the respective groups.

The Faculty Mediation and Grievance Committees are working on a white paper to discuss collegiality and possibly make recommendations for its main points to be added to the P&T guidelines.

With all the budget reductions, there are a number of personnel adjustments among the fixed-term faculty. We are addressing these issues in two ways. I am meeting with people individually to recommend options like mediation or grievance. In addition, we are trying to get a recommendation to Sabah from the Professional Faculty Task Force. He has been positive about considering those recommendations.

We can anticipate another budget reduction due to further declines in revenue forecasts. I hope we can carefully review all our resources and not just do another across-the-board cut. It seems like using cash reserves, which we have been trying to strengthen, is appropriate.

The Library Director was recently removed from the Provost's Council, as that group was streamlined. We worked very hard last Spring to get Karyle Butcher included on that Council and we really only had about eight months to test the effectiveness of her participation. We are now returning to the original proposal to get the Library budget up to 4% of the Education & General budget, appoint the Director as a Dean and move the Library out from under Information Services. Sabah has given us a number of questions to consider and we hope this time we can agree to a longer-term plan.

Coach searches are typically handled at the highest administrative levels and they tend to be very expedited so faculty input tends to be somewhat indirect. I have discussed faculty ideas about what attributes should be considered in recruiting a new football coach in separate and very productive conversations with both Tim White and Bob De Carolis. The areas we discussed included demonstrated commitment to scholarship and diversity, salary levels and incentive plans and working with the academic units to extend athletic enthusiasm to support for academic programs.