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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » December 4, 1997

Faculty Senate Minutes

1997 No. 534
December 4, 1997
For All Faculty
The meeting was called to order at 3:00 pm by President Anthony Wilcox. There were no corrections to the November minutes.
Meeting Summary
  • Special Report: Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Committee Report: Election Results
  • Action Items: Executive Committee Election and Category I proposal, Modification of an Instructional Program Leading to the Professional Doctorate in Pharmacy [Motion 97-534--01]
  • New Business: None

Roll Call
Members Absent With Representation:
Hathaway, M. Mellbye; Leichti, C. Brunner; Pereira, B. Burton; Rose, D. Haase; and Wander, C. Raab.

Members Absent Without Representation:
Ahearn, Calvert, Christie, Collier, Cowles, Daniels, DeKock, Farnsworth, Field, Fisk, Fletcher, Fritzell, Heidel, Hu, Ingham, Jenkins, Jones, Jordan, Kellogg, Leong, Lomax, Longerbeam, McAlexander, Miller, A. Mix, Neumann, Oye, Plant, Primak, Prucha, Rathja, Rielly, Savage, Sproul, Tiger, van der Mars, and Williams.

Faculty Senate Officers/Staff Present:
A. Wilcox, President; M. Niess, President-Elect; T. Knapp, Parliamentarian; and V. Nunnemaker, Senate Administrative Assistant.

Guests of the Senate:
L. Burns, G. DeLander, S. Francis, S. Sahyun, and L. Schroeder.

Committee Report

Faculty Senate Election Results

Ken Krane, Ballot Counting Committee Chair, reported that 966 ballots were returned, or about 30% of eligible voters. Robin Rose, Associate Professor in Forest Science, was elected President-elect and J. Antonio Torres, Associate Professor in Food Science and Technology, was elected as the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate representative.

Krane thanked those who agreed to candidacy and thanked Tracy Bentley, Irma Delson and Rebecca Sanderson for counting ballots.


Executive Committee Election

Candidates for two-year terms were: James Foster, Mark Kramer, Phyllis Lee, Gordon Matzke, Mary Prucha, and Sandra Woods.

Ballots were distributed and counted during the meeting. Those elected were: James Foster (Professor and Chair, Political Science), Gordon Matzke (Professor, Geography), and Sandra Woods (Associate Professor, Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering).

Category I Proposal

Bob Burton, Curriculum Council Chair, presented the Category I, Proposal for the Modification of an Instructional Program Leading to the Professional Doctorate in Pharmacy. Burton explained that the proposal is for a four-year professional program leading to a doctorate in Pharmacy which will replace the present baccalaureate degree. He noted that OSU is one of the last Pharmacy colleges in the country to change their program to the standard for certification.

In response to Senator Gamble, Science, Gary DeLander, Pharmacy, stated that by the year 2000, all Pharmacy graduates will be required to obtain a Pharm D, in accordance with the College of Pharmacy's accrediting body; the baccalaureate degree will no longer be an option. In response to Senator Tiedeman, Liberal Arts, Delander stated that this is not a doctorate in Philosophy degree and is not considered to be a graduate degree.

Motion 97-534-01 to approve the Category I proposal passed by voice vote with no dissenting votes.

Special Report

Intercollegiate Athletics

Lee Schroeder, Interim Athletics Director, updated the Senate on a variety of athletics related issues.

Schroeder reported that former softball coach, Vickie Dugan, brought suit against the institution and Dutch Baughman which resulted in a $1.27 million award based on sexual discrimination, available resources, and hiring of a replacement. The Attorney General's Office is reviewing the magnitude of the award, which may result in reducing the award, and they are considering the advisability of an appeal. He noted that the settlement will be made by the State Risk Management Division and future OSU assessments by the division will be influenced by the amount of the final settlement.

Schroeder indicated that mid-January is targeted as the time period for forwarding Athletic Director recommendations to President Risser from the 16-person screening committee. There were over 50 nominees, 27 applications were submitted, and 12 of those appear strong on paper. There is no closing date for the search and the committee will continue to meet weekly. Finalists will be brought to campus to meet with various groups.

Schroeder felt that FY '93 was the beginning of significant changes in the Athletics budget, with the debt reaching about $600,000. He noted that they were well under the authorized debt limit of $2.75 million at that time. Prior to 1993, the debt hovered between $100,000 and $200,000. From 1993 to 1997 the debt grew to $5.3 million. Finance & Administration was alerted to the budget figures in May and a financial consultant was retained to assess the situation. He explained that there were problems with consistent reporting of data and large expenditures. The debt has grown the most in two years due to declining revenue.

He listed the following as sources of revenue: athletic games (ticket sales, TV, and PAC-10 Conference including shared receipts and the NCAA basketball tournament, as well as about $160,000 each time an OSU game is televised); Sports Action Lottery ($750,000, or 33% of the lottery funds available); and incidental student body fees ($875,-000). Gifts are also a major source of income to the operating budgets, specifically for scholarships. The purpose of the Beaver Club is to raise money for student athlete scholarships. There is a separate major gift effort which assists with facilities projects. In addition, OSU budgets about $2 million to support Intercollegiate Athletics. Game receipts for FY 96 and FY 97 were down from the past due to declining ticket sales from football and basketball.

As with most units on campus, payroll and scholarship account for the largest expenditures, equalling about $9.5 million out of a $16.5 million expenditure budget. Other expenses include staging events, team travel, training table, and uniforms.

He explained that the budget was in good shape in 1989 but, since that time, scholarships have drained the budget; the difference between cost and revenue is about $2 million per year. The Beaver Club annually contributes $1.75 million to support scholarships.

Schroeder reported that there is a plan to get Athletics out of debt completely by mid-FY 2003. The basis for the plan is that they will continue, except for this year and next year, with the costs that they now have. The plan for the current year expenditure budget is $1 million below expenditures for last year. An additional $1 million cut is planned from operating expenses during next year. He felt that the revenue sources available to develop the five-year plan have been conservatively estimated and the additional revenue (from TV contracts) has been allocated to debt reduction. The plan can only be successful if other revenues continue at their current levels. He felt that some sports programs, such as basketball, are headed in the right direction to help with the deficit.

He explained that OSU is about one quarter million dollars short of scholarship money for women's sports, which is necessary for OSU to solve gender equity issues. For the first time since 1982, the Beaver Club Executive Board has authorized an increase in its giving levels which should generate enough money to meet gender equity requirements. He emphasized that all student athletes on scholarship generate revenue for the institution. Schroeder encouraged all faculty to join the Beaver Club.

Senator Foster, Liberal Arts, stated that most searches conducted at OSU are required to have certain reporting, accountability, and diversity characteristics, as well as required paperwork, etc. He questioned whether these standard characteristics applied to the Athletic Director search. Schroeder responded affirmatively and stated that a NAPO packet was submitted to Affirmative Action, advertising occurred, and he felt that all procedures for a normal search were being followed. Foster then asked if one could expect the pool to reflect the demographic population that this university serves in terms of gender makeup and ethnic diversity. Schroeder felt that the pool will reflect those who choose to apply; they can't control the makeup of the group. Senator Matzke, Science, stated that, if the pool doesn't reflect what you are looking for, an additional step is to specifically target those who do reflect the desired makeup. Schroeder indicated he felt this was a suggestion he could take and that they were trying to generate a diverse pool. He also felt that the advertising was placed in publications which did target specifically for this position.

Senator Brumley, Information Services, questioned the practices which allow a unit to overspend and what is being done to avoid the problem in the future. Schroeder indicated that past practice has been to use the Financial Management System which was reconciled 13 times per year and the President's Cabinet received an overview of budgets. It was up to each unit to stay within the budgeted amount. There were some checks and balances, but not a continuous oversight of the whole institution. The Financial Information System (FIS), begun in 1995, allows units to identify real time income and expenses and gives the institution the ability to review all units. Until last year, individual cost centers were expected to be accountable. A lack of oversight resulted in budgets for two units being in deficit and oversight is now being implemented.

Senator Gamble, Science, related that the athletic budget used to be reviewed by the Athletic Board and an accounting firm reviewed the accuracy of the report. He noted that each coach was responsible for their own budget. He questioned who makes the final decision as to the dollar amount allocated to each program and how does the system he described compare to what exists now. Schroeder felt that the differences are that central control has not been exerted strongly enough and that demands for funding has changed dramatically. OSU's $16.5 million budget is the lowest expenditure budget of anyone in the PAC-10, and we are competing with those in the $30-35 million range.

In response to Senator Cornell, Liberal Arts, Schroeder attributed the increased spending to the number and cost of scholarships and the need to provide gender equity. The deficit increased about $4.7 million over the last two years. Cornell questioned how many staff are paid from the $9.5 million budgeted for salaries. Schroeder responded there are about 120 employees and about 350 athletes on full or partial scholarship account for $3.6 million. Cornell also questioned where the $1-2 million cuts will come from over the next two years. Schroeder stated that 6% across the board was determined and will come from each of the 20 cost centers in the department. They are attempting to accomplish the cuts without loss of jobs or scholarships.

Senator Williamson, Engineering, referred to the debt limit of $2.75 million and questioned what happened when the limit was exceeded. Schroeder knew of no penalty, but stated that the unit just pays more interest.

Senator Oriard, Liberal Arts, referring to the lawsuit, questioned that amount currently paid into Risk Management and how a settlement of $1 million will affect OSU's future assessments. Schroeder responded that the loss experience is figured over a five-year period, so OSU will feel the impact over three biennia of whatever settlement is reached. He thought that OSU now pays around $2 million per year, which covers tort liability and property damage for the whole institution. Bob Duringer, Business Affairs Director, noted that the current rate reflects the effect of the Industrial Building fire from several years ago.

Schroeder spoke about two other Athletic searches currently underway. The Sr. Woman Administrator position, vacated by Robyn Sharp in August, is on hold since the candidates wish to know who the Athletic Director finalists are before they commit to coming to OSU. The Financial Manager search has resulted in a strong candidate pool and is nearly completed.

In response to Senator Tate, Science, questioning the revenue from games, Schroeder provided the following breakdown:
home ticket sales - $2.6 million
away games - $500,000
television - $3.7 million
parking (football) - $50,000
Beaver Club - $1.75 million
In response to a question from Senator Morris, Science, Schroeder stated that Athletic Director candidates have been told that confidentiality will be preserved up to the time that finalists are announced.

Senator Manogue, Science, questioned how the budget would be in the black by cutting $1 million below last years budget. Schroeder agreed that they won't be in the black with this measure, but added that there is additional revenue from PAC-10 TV and bowl games that will further place them in the black. He noted that the debt could grow in the current year.

Information Items

  • New Senator Orientation - The orientation will be January 8, 1998, preceding the regular Senate meeting, in the Valley Football Complex.
  • University Awards - Materials for the following awards are now available and can be obtained from the Faculty Senate Office; nomination materials are due March 6: OSU Alumni Assoc. Distinguished Professor Award
    Elizabeth P. Ritchie Distinguished Professor Award
    Dar Reese Excellence in Advising Award
    Richard M. Bressler Senior Faculty Teaching Award
    OSU Outstanding Faculty Research Assistant Award
    OSU Faculty Teaching Excellence Award
    Extended Education Faculty Achievement Award
    D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service Award
    Information is also available for the OSU Distinguished Service Award; nomination materials are due February 6.
  • Senate Handbook Return - Senators whose terms end in December are asked to return their Faculty Senate Handbook to the Faculty Senate Office so they can be updated and redistributed to new Senators.
  • January Meeting Location Changed - The Faculty Senate will meet in the Valley Football Complex on January 8 at 3:00 PM.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration - Teach-in - The celebration, "Makin' it Right: Going Beyond the Dream," will take place between January 12 and 23. Faculty are asked to participate in any kind of intellectual exercise with their students that would educate and stimulate thought about the celebration. For more information, contact Linda Paschke at 737-6370 or Phyllis Lee at 737-4381.
  • Student Appointments to Faculty Senate Committees/Councils - Faculty are asked to help identify students who are interested in serving on Faculty Senate committees/councils. Anyone interested in serving on the following committees/councils should be referred to the Faculty Senate Office for additional information.
    Academic Regulations Committee
    Academic Requirements Committee
    Academic Standing Committee
    Baccalaureate Core Committee
    Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee
    Committee on Committees
    Curriculum Council
    Library Committee
    Student Recognition and Awards Committee
    Undergraduate Admissions Committee

Reports from the Provost

Provost Arnold's report included the following items:
  • Recognition - Congratulations to the newly elected Faculty Senate officers and Executive Committee members and thanks to those completing terms in leadership roles. He also thanked the outgoing Senators.
    - Thanks to faculty members who volunteered to participate in the OSU Odyssey program and he noted that feedback has been positive and that their contributions are appreciated.
  • Administrative Searches - Orcilia Zuniga Forbes, Vice President for University Advancement, will begin January 1, 1998.
    - Dr. Wilson C. "Toby" Hayes, Vice Provost for Research, will begin full time on May 1, 1998, but he will begin phasing into the job in January.
    - Dr. Gretchen Schuette has been appointed Dean of Distance and Continuing Education.
    - On the basis of the recommendation from the search committee, none of the three candidates were selected to fill the Dean of Engineering position and the search process will be continued.
    - A committee has just been appointed to conduct a search for the Dean of Pharmacy.
    - Balz Frei has been named the Linus Pauling Institute Director.
    - Dr. Bill Baird has been selected to direct the Environmental Health Sciences Center.
  • OSBHE Actions - The proposal for the Environmental Sciences Master and Doctoral program was approved by the Board to be placed on the January consent agenda.
    - The Business One proposal was approved by the Academic Council and will be presented to the Board in January.
    - Two pre-proposals have been submitted and discussed at the Academic Council and at the Board: 1) a change in programs in Speech Communication from a Speech Communication major with two options (Speech Communication and Theatre Arts) to identifying both as separate academic majors, has been endorsed by the Board to be brought forward as a full proposal via the Curriculum Council and Faculty Senate; and 2) a Masters in Business Information Systems proposal resulting from legislation requiring the completion of a fifth year to be eligible for the CPA exam.
  • Funding - The Chronicle of Higher Education recently reported that OSU State funding increased by 18%. Arnold emphasized that the information used in the report focused only on State general funds and didn't identify lottery funding for the Forest Research Lab, Veterinary Medicine, OSU Extension Service, and Agricultural Experiment Station. He explained that the budget process this year shifted lottery funds for higher education ($12.6 million) back to the State general fund which accounted for the reported increase.
  • Initiatives - An OSSHE Budget Allocations Principles Think Group has just been appointed to determine how tuition and state general fund resources be allocated among the OSSHE institutions. OSU has assembled a Think Group, chaired by OSU Vice Provost Andy Hashimoto, to propose principles OSU would want to advocate for with respect to how the OSSHE resources for higher education are distributed. The group members are Tony Wilcox, Maggie Niess, Bruce Sorte, Paul Farber, Jeff Arthur, Sally Francis, Vic Trembley, Gordon Reistad, Ken Krane, Christine Spikes, Kelvin Koong, John Parker, Jon Root, Allan Mathany, Lee Schroeder, and Matt DeVore.
    - There is an opportunity for department heads and chairs, and others they may wish to designate, to attend two workshops to determine involvement, options and how to develop partnerships in relation to: 1) the concept of planning curricula with constituents and, 2) OSU Statewide.

    Senator Foster questioned the decision to reopen the search for the Engineering Dean. Arnold responded that meetings with Engineering faculty and three very different candidates brought to light expectations of the type of person to lead the College. In early January, the Provost and the search committee will host a collegewide meeting for purposes of discussing the screening criteria and expectations.

Reports from the Faculty Senate President

President Wilcox reported on the following items:
  • BUBB is moving forward to implement domestic partner benefits in January.
  • The two remaining Faculty Senate task forces, Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness and Post-tenure Review will complete their work in 1998.
  • He noted that budgets have dominated this year.
  • He expressed appreciation for the work of the outgoing elected Faculty Senate representatives: Steve Esbensen, Interinstitutional Faculty Senate representative; Ken Krane, immediate past president; and Cheryl Jordan, Don Reed, and Ken Williamson, Executive Committee members.
  • He welcomed to the Executive Committee, Jim Foster, Gordon Matzke, and Sandy Woods, as well as Robin Rose, President-elect. They join Maggie Niess, Irma Delson, Larry Griggs, Bruce Coblentz, and Wilcox.
  • He commended those Senators completing their term for their service to their unit, to the faculty-at-large, and to the institution.

New Business

There was no new business.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:53.
Respectfully submitted: Vickie Nunnemaker, Faculty Senate Administrative Assistant