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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » 2011
Underlined names are newly-elected or re-elected for a term starting in January 2011; names marked by an asterisk (*) are serving for a second consecutive term; year in parentheses, i.e., (10), after a Senators name indicates year present continuous membership began, in January unless otherwise indicated. Term expires on December 31 of the year indicated at the head of each column.

2011 2012 2013


Bill Braunworth, Dean’s Office (09) Michael Borman, Rangeland Ecology & Management (10) *Dan Arp, Botany & Plant Pathology (08)
James Cassidy, Crop & Soil Science (09) Wanda Crannell (v. Auyong) (12/11) *Jennifer Field, Env. & Molecular Toxicology (08)
*Larry Curtis, Dean's Office (06) Lisbeth Goddik, Food Science/Tech Extension (10) *Peg Herring, Extension & Exp. Station Comm. (08)
*Theo Dreher, Microbiology(06) Stan Gregory, Fisheries and Wildlife (10) Bruce Sorte, Agricultural & Resource Economics (11)
Tiffany Garcia (v. Perry), Fisheries & Wildlife (11) Jeffry Hino, Ext/Exp Station Communications (10) Bernadine Strik, Horticulture (11)
Melodie Putnam, Botany & Plant Pathology (09) *John Selker, Biological & Ecological Engineering (07)
Sandy Sears, Agricultural Administration (08) Greg Thompson, Agricultural Education & General Ag (10)


Tammy Barr, Technology Support Services (09) Jackie Bangs (v. Babcock), International Programs (11) Donna Chastain, Human Resources (11)
Susie Brubaker-Cole, Academic Affairs (09) *Gigi Bruce, Office of the Provost (07) Itchung Cheung, Hatfield Marine Science Ctr. (11)
*Moira Dempsey, Academic Success Center (06) Kim Calvery, Business Affairs (10) Jon Dorbolo, Media Services (11)
Sara Eklund, Academic Affairs (09) Terri Cook (v. Leslie), Budget & Fiscal Planning (11) Jeri Hemmer (v. Stowell), Human Resources (02/11)
Leanna Ott, University Admin. Business Center (09) Angelo Gomez, Affirmative Action (10) Nick Houtman, Research Communications (11)
Lissa Perrone, Business Affairs (09) Rich Holdren, Research Office (10) *Janet Nishihara, Educational Opportunities Program (08)
Candy Pierson-Charlton, INTO OSU (09) Brian Thorsness (v. Simmons), Business Svcs (11) Shelly Signs, University Events (11)
Roni Sue, Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity (11)


Daniel Lykins (09) David Berger (v. Yang) (11) Nancy King (11)
Don Neubaum (v. Simpson) (11) Jared Moore (10) Malcolm LeMay (11)


Neil Browne (11)


Susan Helback, Teacher/Counselor Education (11) Rick Orozco (v. Bottoms), Teacher/Counselor Ed (11) Shelley Dubkin-Lee (v. Drake Clark), Adult Ed (10/11)


Brian Bay, Mechanical, Industrial/Manuf. Engr. (09) Michael Bailey, Electrical Engr. & Computer Science (10) Chris Bell, Civil & Construction Engineering (11)
Mario Magana, Electrical Engr. & Computer Science (09) Milo Koretsky, Chemical, Biological & Env. Engr. (10) Bella Bose (v. Ken Funk), Electrical Engr/Computer Sci (11)
Bob Paasch, Mechanical, Industrial/Manuf. Engr. (11) Brett McFarlane, College of Engineering (10) Ellen Momsen, Women/Minorities in Engineering Program (11)
Lew Semprini, Chemical, Biological & Env Engr (11)


Michael Bondi, Clackamas County (09) Tim DeBoodt, Crook County (10) Troy Downing, Tillamook County (11)
Chip Bubl, Columbia County (09) Wendy Hein, Clackamas County (11)


Tom Maness (v. Jones), Forest Engr/Res/Mgmt (11) Randy Rosenberger, Forest Ecosystems & Society (10) David Alexander, College of Forestry Admin. (11)
TBA (v. Huso) Terralyn Vandetta (v. Wright), Coll. of Forestry Admin. (08) Lisa Ganio, Forest Ecosystems & Society (11)

PUBLIC HEALTH AND HUMAN SCIENCES (eff. 06/2011) - formerly Health & Human Sciences

Chunhuei Chi, Public Health (11) Donna Champeau, Public Health (10) Viktor Bovbjerg, Public Health (11)
Michelle Mahana, Dean’s Office (09) Karen Hooker, Human Dev/Family Sci. (11) Tom Eversole, Administration (11)
Tony Wilcox, Nutrition & Exercise Sciences (09) *Kim McAlexander, Academic Advising/Student Services (07) Kathy Gunter (v. Hoffman), Nutrition and Exercise Sciences (11)
Ellen Smit, Public Health (11) TBA (v. Porter)


Norma Cardenas, Ethnic Studies (03/10) *Joan Gross, Anthropology (07) Kristen Barker (v. Daugherty), Sociology (02/11)
Jeff Hale, Dean’s Office (09) *Joseph A. Orosco, Philosophy (07) Lori Cramer (v. Chappell), Sociology (02/11)
*Anita Helle, English (06) *Dwaine Plaza, Sociology (07) Armelle Denis, Foreign Languages & Literatures (11)
Bill Loges (v. Cytrynbaum), New Media Communications (11) Susan Shaw, Women Studies (10) Roger Hammer, Sociology (11)
Bryan Tilt, Anthropology (09) *Brent Steel, Political Science (07) Janet Lee, Women Studies (11)
*Juan Antonio Trujillo, Foreign Languages & Literatures (07)


Margaret Mellinger (11)

EARTH, OCEANIC & ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES (eff. 10/2011) - formerly Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences

Curtiss Davis (09) Bob Duncan (10) Fred Prahl (11)
Yvette Spitz (09) Simon de Szoeke (11) Kipp Shearman (11)


Phil Proteau (09) Natalea Suchy (10)


Edward Campbell (10/09)


Roy Haggerty, Geosciences (08) Bill Bogley, Mathematics (10) Bob Mason, Biology/Zoology (11)
Victor Hsu, Biochemistry & Biophysics (09) Christine Escher (v. Parks) (11/11)
Henri Jansen, Physics (09) Mary Flahive, Mathematics (04/09)
*Indira Rajagopal, Biology (06) Adel Faridani (v. Karplus), Mathematics (10/11)
Vince Remcho, Chemistry (09) Janet Tate, Physics (10)
Barbara Taylor, Zoology (09)
Enrique Thomann (v. Alexis), Mathematics (08)
Janine Trempy, Microbiology (09)


Jo Alexander, Disability Access Services (11) Mamta Accapadi, Dean of Students (10) Jim Day (v. Beresford), Enrollment Management (04/11)
Brian Stroup, Univ. Housing & Dining Services (09) Eric Alexander, Student Health Services (07) Rebecca Sanderson, Student Affairs (11)
Lisa Ann Schubert (v. Kasper), Univ Housing/Dining Svc (10/11)


Jerry Heidel (09) David Sisson (10) Beth Valentine (11)



B. Starr McMullen, IFS Senator Linda Bruslind (11)
Sabah Randhawa, Provost & Executive VP Theo Dreher (11)
Ed Ray, OSU President Kevin Gable (12)
Tonga Hopoi, ASOSU President Anne Gillies (12)
Mario Magaña (12)
John Selker (11)
Total Faculty Senators: 132


Jack Higginbotham, President
Kate Hunter-Zaworski, President-Elect
Leslie Burns, Immediate Past President
Michael Beachley, Parliamentarian
Total Faculty Senators: 132