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Faculty Forum Papers

December 1978 Faculty Forum Papers By

Kenneth D. Patterson
Professor of Economics

November 29, 1978
Dear Colleagues:

     During the last session of the Oregon legislative assembly, I had occasion to present faculty interests regarding budget matters and other legislation affecting higher education.

     I was disappointed to discover that concerns of faculty, in matters affecting educational policy and practice as well as faculty economic welfare, were given low priorities by the officials and agencies I had previously believed were deeply involved in advancing our professional interests.

     The intermittent efforts of individual representatives of faculty bodies to explain and support faculty interests has not been effective. There is no tendency among legislators, state executive officers, or public employee bodies to develop and defend an environment supportive of our professional and personal interests. It seems clear that professional interests of faculty are now unrepresented before the Oregon legislators. The current proposal that faculty support a professional representative in Salem should provide for continuing and responsive clarification of our interests in legislation. Such representation is not only desirable, it may be necessary.