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February 20, 1986

The President's Long-Range Planning Commission is committed to wide 
participation and involvement of the 
total university community in the planning process. We especially 
invite faculty reaction and response to this 
Statement of Principles, as well as any other suggestions you may 
wish to direct to the Commission. Your 
comments and suggestions may be sent to any of the undersigned 
Commission members.

To assure effectiveness of the long-range planning process, the following general principles have been adopted by the Long-Range Planning Commission and approved by President Byrne. 1. The aim of the entire process is to increase the vitality and effectiveness of the University in its service to faculty, students, and its varied local, national, and international constituencies. To achieve this aim requires an assessment of the external environment, an institutional assessment, and an analysis of the University's missions and goals. 2. The concepts of quality, flexibility, and informed choice shall guide the process. 3. The success of the endeavor is dependent on total university involvement. Each teaching, research, and service unit will participate in formulating the University's long-range plan. 4. Open communication and a consultative process are essential to the operation. Faculty newsletters, articles in the Barometer, open hearings and forums, and letters to the Commission and committees shall be used to foster open communications. Faculty shall be involved in the entire process on the Commission, the major committees, at the unit planning stage, and by consultation throughout the process. Students, staff, alumni, and relevant external constituencies shall be consulted and involved at appropriate times in the process. Students have specific units for which they have planning responsibilities. 5. Responsibilities for the long-range planning process must be clearly delineated. The president -- is the chief planning officer, appoints the Commission, negotiates with the major planning units and with the Commission, and issues the University Long-Range Plan. The Long-Range Planning Commission -- designs, modifies, and oversees the planning process. The vice presidents, deans, and directors -- are responsible for the specific academic and service unit plans under their jurisdiction. Department administrators and faculty -- provide data, review the unit's opportunities and goals, and help set target dates for achieving them. 6. The focus of planning at all levels shall be the coherent unity of Oregon State University and of OSU as a part
of the Oregon State System of Higher Education. The planning process must recognize the importance of the external environment in which OSU operates; the unique characteristics and strengths of OSU as a Land-Grant and Sea-Grant university; and OSU's distictive and historic mission and goals. 7. Long-range planning must be a dynamic process involving continual evaluation, adaptation, and adjustment to changing needs and conditions. OSU should be prepared to capitalize on new opportunities for growth and service which promote and enhance the goals of the University. The long-range plan will be updated and revised to coincide with preparation of the biennial budget. 8. The budget process will be linked to the planning process to assure that resource allocation decisions in the future will be made in accordance with the long-range plan. Although continuing to be diverse and comprehensive, OSU may refine its programmatic emphases -- establishing priorities and allocating resources to programs and areas that advance the goals of the University. 9. The entire process shall lead to a plan that incorporates timely and effective target dates for achieving specific goals. The final plan shall take into consideration the sensitive interrelationship between the human, academic, fiscal, and physical elements that are involved. Pete Fullerton Kinsey Green Warren Hovland Pharmacy Home Economics Liberal Arts Steve Lawton Bud Weiser Business Agriculture
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