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2011 Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Candidate

KAREN HOOKER (at OSU since 1994), Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences, College of Public Health and Human Sciences and Jo Anne Leonard Endowed Director, Center for Healthy Aging Research

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Public Health and Human Sciences and Health & Human Sciences Senator (2007–12, 1998–00)

COLLEGE OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND HUMAN SCIENCES SERVICE: Tenure and Promotion Committee, served 4 terms, Chair 2011 and 2009–10; Administrative Team , 2011–present, 2002–03; Health Division Health Thematic Committee; and Health Care Administration Advisory Committee, 1996–06

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Information Services Infrastructure Governance Committee, 2011–present; Reader, University Honors College, 2010–present; LIFE Scholar Selection Committee, 2005–11; Undergraduate Research Innovation and Scholarly Contribution (URISC) Advisory Panel, 2004–09; OSU Honorary Doctorate Committee, 2004–06; Graduate Admissions Committee, 1998–01; Committee for Agricultural and Resource Economics Department Undergraduate and Graduate Program Review; External Reviewer, Center for the Humanities

SEARCH COMMITTEES (at the level of department head and above): Associate Dean, College of Public Health and Human Sciences, 2011; Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences, 2001–02; and Research Office Faculty Liaison, 2000

Candidate Statement: I have academic experiences in teaching, research, and administration that provide me with a range of perspectives on important faculty and staff issues. My long involvement with colleagues across Colleges provides a base for representing the vitality and interests of the many different faculty and professional roles on our campus. As your IFS Senator I would strive to position OSU as a leader and strong partner with our sister institutions in OUS decisions.

What critical issues for faculty at a state-wide level will be best addressed through IFS and how can you help move those issues forward?

There are many issues that will be important for faculty statewide in the next few years. Two that I am very interested in are: 1) changes in benefit packages; and 2) student growth. Health benefits, in particular, are changing and we need to have a strong voice in those changes. For example, while the Health Engagement Model in PEBB has laudable goals, it could have been implemented in a more positive manner. OSU is currently in a growth phase that presents opportunities and challenges as we strive to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff. While there are great opportunities that come with a larger student body, there are also some challenges around infrastructure (e.g., classrooms; living space), faculty and staff load, and community relations. I look forward to addressing these types of issues and developing practical solutions with representatives from other OUS campuses.