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2010 Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Candidate

BOB MASON (at OSU since 1991), Professor, Zoology Department, and Chair, Biology Program, College of Science

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Executive Committee, 2005-07; Science Senator, 2002-08; Committee on Committees, 2000-02 (chair, 2002); and Research Council, 1994-97

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE SERVICE: School of Life Science Restructure Committee; SOLS Curriculum Planning Committee, 2010; Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer Research Committee, 2004-present; Head Marshall 2007-09; General Science Restructure Committee, 2003-04 (chair); Curriculum Committee, 2002-present; and Biology Workgroup Committee, 2001-02

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Study Abroad Advisory Committee, 2008-10; NCAA Self-Study Committee 2008-09;URISC Advisory Panel 2004-10; Research Office, Special Report on Research at OSU, 2000; International Programs Faculty Grants and Awards Program, 1999-00; IACUC Committee 1998-02; Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, 1998-02; and Convocations and Lectures Committee, 1996-99

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Laboratory Animal Resource Center Director, 2010 and Biochemistry and Biophysics Chair (chair), 2010

STATEWIDE SERVICE: Oregon Department of Education, High School Graduation Requirements Task Force, 2008-09

Candidate Statement I believe that my experiences as a teacher, researcher and administrator of a large, interdisciplinary undergraduate program give me a good perspective on a number of the serious problems the University is facing. The Faculty Senate is an important voice for the students, faculty and staff to the University administration. Serving as IFS Senator provides one more important voice in insuring that conversations take place that translate into effective and meaningful actions at the administrative level. I feel I could be an active and effective member in helping to solve some of our pressing problems in these times of unprecedented change.

What critical issues for faculty at a state-wide level will be best addressed through IFS and how can you help move those issues forward?

All universities in the state are facing unprecedented challenges in the coming biennium due to the projected budget shortfalls. At the same time, enrollments are increasing to record levels at several of the campuses. Although all the campuses face somewhat different challenges, we do all share these overarching concerns. I see the role of the IFS as being a conduit for our faculty to have a voice in conversations with the Chancellor of Higher Education. In addition, hopefully good ideas that arise on other campuses will be communicated through the IFS and help us to navigate through the tough times that lie ahead. I would bring my 20 years of experience here at OSU to the conversations and hopefully contribute meaningfully to ideas for solutions to some of our many challenges.