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Faculty Senate

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2010 Executive Committee Candidate

KEVIN GABLE (at OSU since 1988), Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, College of Science

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Faculty Senator (College of Science), 2007-present

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE SERVICE: LPSC Steering Committee 2007-present and Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2007

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: University Space Committee, 2008-10; Honors College reader, 2000-present; University Chemical Safety Committee, 2000-04; and Ad-hoc committee on Library Web teaching modules, 1999-00

Candidate Statement: We are having to adapt quickly to a drastically changing environment caused by the continued shift away from state support. My vision for Faculty Senate is that we must be the voice for maintaining and promoting excellence in our missions--research, instruction and outreach--in the face of desires to see access and cost be primary drivers for change. I have tried to be that kind of voice as both a faculty member and as a department chair, and I would like the Senate to effectively articulate why and how we must advance the quality of what we do.