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2009 President-Elect Faculty Senate Candidate

GORAN JOVANOVIC (at OSU since 1991), Professor, School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Executive Committee 2007-08; Engineering Senator 2006-08, Graduate Council, 2006-07; Academic Standing Committee, 2003-05; Research Council, 1999-02; and Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee, 1995-97 (Chair, 1996-97).

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING SERVICE: Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2006-present; Graduate Committee, 2002-05, 1995-99; Research Council 2009-present; and Associate Director of Microproducts Breakthrough Institute.

Candidate Statement: In academia, every moment presents challenges requiring creative and unique solutions. Community engagement in finding these solutions is the critical element of survival for institutions like OSU. Academic democracy provides the framework to reach solutions and make decisions. I truly believe in academic democracy whose focal point is a faculty governance system. Academic self-governance and affirmative academic freedoms must be the main conduits of academic democracy practiced at our university. The true measure of our success will be reflected in the ability to forge the future on our own terms. I will commit my work to this kind of future.

What will be the critical issues for faculty and how can you help move those issues forward?
At OSU, we proudly commit to “promote economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for people across Oregon, the nation and the world”.  Current economic and budget crises, however, may imperil our ability to fulfill this mission.  While this is not an option, it is equally unacceptable to think that we could possibly fail any person who attends or works at OSU.  It would be ethically intolerable to safeguard the continuity of the institution at the expense of individuals whose work and jobs are committed to its success.

Resources made available for the success of the OSU mission are not sufficient and do not provide sustainable conditions for its progress.  Existing and future funding for the Oregon University system will not be sufficient to sustain our system, even at the level we have seen in the last decade.  We could search for root-causes of these circumstances, but in the final analysis we will have to look among ourselves to find the solution that sustains our mission, our academia and our university.

Under these circumstances it may appear that we are facing simple choices; we either confront each other by protecting our interests, or collaborate by honoring our community values (accountability, diversity, integrity, respect and social responsibility). It is abundantly clear we have only one option: to commit ourselves to cooperation in creating forces that unite us and sustain our economic being.

While our only option is obvious, it is imperative to realize that a rational framework in which we could work harmoniously toward our goals is a developed academic democracy.  We have beautiful ideas in our strategic plans, and brave visions that reach into distant future.  Challenges that await us on the unfamiliar pathway to our envisioned future must be continuously analyzed and we have to commit to processes of adaptation and change.

How has your experience prepared you for this position?
Since 1995, I served the faculty governance system by playing an active role in Senate and its councils and committees.  I have also fulfilled administrative duties in our academic communities (Associate Dean at Belgrade University, Associate Director of Microproducts Breakthrough Institute).  It is not certain, however, if one can truly prepare for the environment in which we operate today.  The most immediate and important task at OSU will be to create new and independent revenue sources.  OSU leadership has demonstrated a willingness to take a risk in obtaining these. I feel confident that I could contribute new ideas and work constructively with the leadership in creating new opportunities while observing our common values. The whole OSU community must be ready to creatively contribute to the enhancement of our resources, which are truly needed to determine the future on our own terms.