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2009 President-Elect Faculty Senate Candidate

Jack F. Higginbotham (at OSU since 1987), Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics, College of Engineering and Director, Oregon/NASA Space Grant Consortium.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Undergraduate Admissions Committee, 2007-09 (chair 2008-09); Faculty Senator, 2006-09; Research Council, 2001-06; Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2000-03; and Graduate Council, 1998-00.

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Information Services Program Review Committee, 2009 (chair); Promotion and Tenure Committee, Ethnic Studies Department, College of Liberal Arts, 2008; Board of Readers, OSU Honors College, 2004; Labor Bargaining Team, OSU Graduate Student Union, CGE/AFT Local 6069, 2000; Chief Marshal, OSU Commencement, 1999-01; OSU Statewide Degree Council, 1998-00; Numerous Graduate Program Reviews, 1998-00; and OSU Radiation Safety Committee, 1988-09, (chair and vice chair).

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Director, Institute for Water and Watersheds, 2005; Vice President for Research, 2004; Director, Cooperative Institute for Marine Resource Studies, 2004; Director, Institute for Natural Resources, 2003; Director, Hatfield Marine Science Center, 2002; Director, Center for Humanities, 2001; and Director of Research Initiatives, 2000.

Candidate Statement: During my two decades of service to OSU, I have developed a deep appreciation for the role faculty governance plays in defining and maintaining the University’s core values and mission. The cooperative partnership of administration and the Senate has led to the development of compelling strategic visions for units and the University, has realized growth and continued excellence in our education, research and outreach endeavors.  What will OSU look like in 5 years, 10 years?  There are many opinions but whatever the outcome, active participation by the Faculty Senate is essential in defining that future.  I am honored to step forward again in service to OSU and hence my acceptance of the nomination for Faculty Senate President.

What will be the critical issues for faculty and how can you help move those issues forward? How has your experience prepared you for this position?

With the implementation of the University’s revised strategic plan and the funding challenges facing us over the next 2-3 years, the Faculty Senate will need to move expeditiously with its review of curricular and budget issues without losing sight of its responsibility to protect the core values of OSU. My service in the Graduate School, Research Office and as a Research Center Director has given me the necessary experience and understanding of the OSU procedures involved to accomplish these tasks. From my role as a faculty member I’ve pushed curricular change, defended student access to quality academic experiences, and fought for the intellectual freedom of faculty – all core values of our University. This combination of faculty and administrative experience has allowed me to develop close working relationships with faculty, administrators and staff from all corners of the university, as well as honed my ability to view tough issues from a broad perspective and to build consensus for implementing solutions.

Other critical issues facing OSU? Building recognition that our professorial and professional faculty are essential to maintaining excellence in our academy. They are more than numbers in a spreadsheet that add to a predetermined total. The importance of their role in maintaining strong academic disciplines while guiding the interpretation and implementation of the Strategic Plan in a period of restructuring and realignment is undeniable. Finally, as restructuring forces a change in the ratio of professional to professorial faculty, the Faculty Senate must reach to hear the voice of students both through conventional means of liaison with ASOSU but also through new technological avenues such as Facebook where current students are raising concerns about teaching assignments.