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2009 Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Candidate

JOAN E. GROSS (at OSU since 1989), Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Executive Committee, 2004-05; Liberal Arts Senator, 2007-08, 1998-05; Curriculum Council 2000-04; and Affirming Diversity Ad Hoc Committee 1990-91 (Chair).

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS SERVICE: Curriculum Committee, 2009-present and 1999-04 (Chair 2000-01); Strategic Transition Team, Spring 2007; and Faculty Council 2006-08, 2000-03 (President 2002-03 and 2007-08).

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: International Council, 2007-08; Rural Studies Program steering committee, 2005-present; OSU Center for the Humanities, 2003-04,1997-99 (Advisory Board); Study Abroad and Internship Advisory Board, 2002-03 (Chair 2003-04); International Issues Group, 2002 (Chair); Undergraduate Academic Program Review, International Degree 2001 (Chair); Director of the Difference, Power, Discrimination Program 1998-99; and Difference, Power and Discrimination Program, 1992-present (Advisory Board).

OUS/OSSHE SERVICE: Oregon State System of Higher Education Resident Director of Study Abroad Programs in France, 1995-96 and Oregon State System of Higher Education Executive Board on Study Abroad Programs in France, 1992-present; Northwest Interinstitutional Council on Study Abroad in Avignon, France, Spring 1992; and Northwest Interinstitutional Council on Study Abroad in Angers, France, Fall 1999.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Director of the Institute of Water and Watersheds, Spring 2005 and Director, Difference, Power and Discrimination Program, 2002.

Candidate Statement: In these times of great change, it is more important than ever for the faculty voice to be heard. I will do my best to voice the concerns and ideas of OSU faculty at the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate. My 20 year involvement with colleagues across the campus concerning shared governance, curricular development, diversity and international programs, as well as my teaching and research spanning social sciences and the humanities has given me the foundation necessary to represent OSU at the IFS.

What critical issues for faculty at a state-wide level will be best addressed through IFS and how can you help move those issues forward?
The shape of universities is changing and often faculty are left picking up the pieces. Our workload seems to be ever expanding and now pay cuts and furloughs are on the table. Looking beyond our particular institution is especially important in these times. I will do my best to bring back to OSU strategies that our colleagues at Oregon’s sister institutions have found successful and to put faculty in a stronger position vis à vis the state legislature.