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2006 President-Elect Faculty Senate Candidate

LYNDA M. CIUFFETTI (at OSU since 1990), Professor, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, College of Agricultural Sciences and College of Science.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Faculty Senate Executive Committee, 2005-present; Distance Education Committee, 2003-04 (ex-officio); Graduate Council, 2002-05 (Chair, 2003-04); and Agricultural Sciences Senator, 2000-06.

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES AND COLLEGE OF SCIENCE SERVICE: Life Sciences in the College of Science Committee, 2006-present; Promotion and Tenure Committee, College of Science, 2006; General Science Restructuring Committee, College of Science, 2004-05; Board of Visitors' Meeting, College of Science, Invited Participant, 2002; Animal Health and Disease Research Program, College of Agricultural Sciences, Proposal Reviewer, 2000; Horne Award Committee, College of Science, 2006, 2003, 2002, 1999; Symposium on Graduate Study in Science for Undergraduate Women, Steering Committee, 1995-97; Biology Program Curriculum Committee, College of Science, 1994-95; Molecular and Cellular Biology Sub-Curriculum Committee, Colleges of Science and Agricultural Sciences, 1990-96.

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Commencement Ceremony, Assistant Chief Marshal, 2005-present; Task Force on Teaching Certificate for Graduate Students, 2005-present; Bayley/Yerex Graduate Fellowship Awards Committee, Graduate School, 2005; National Research Council Study of Research: Doctorate Programs Steering Committee, 2004-present; Commencement Ceremony, Column Marshal, 2003, 2004; Mentor, Diversity Internship Program, 2002-03; Graduate Education Satellite Committee, Graduate School, 2002; State Board of Higher Education Meeting, Faculty Representative, 1999; Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology, Scientific Advisory Committee, 1997-00; and Faculty Mentor for the EDGE Program for Ethnic Minority Students, Summer Research Program, 1992, 1991.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Associate Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences, 2006; Director for the Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology, 1999-00; and Biology 21X Laboratory and Course Coordinator (Chair), College of Science, 1996.

Candidate Statement: I have always believed in the importance of faculty involvement in university governance. This view has been strengthened due to my Faculty Senate involvement as Senator and Executive Committee member, and as Graduate Council Chair. I believe I can effectively work with administrators, faculty (academic, research and professional), staff, and students to further our collective desire that OSU excel in the areas of undergraduate and graduate teaching, research, and outreach. Throughout the decision making process I will make a conscientious effort to listen to other perspectives and be mindful that I am representing the views of the faculty community.

What will be the critical issues for faculty over the next two years, and how can you help move those issues forward on their behalf? How has your experience prepared you for this position?

Over the past years, faculty and staff have invested a significant amount of hours working with the administration to reshape the university and to create the OSU Strategic Plan. Some goals of this plan have been accomplished, while others are yet to be realized. Given that OSU will continue to be impacted by state driven budget issues, it will be necessary to revisit and determine if all aspects of the OSU Strategic Plan can realistically be fulfilled as originally envisioned. It may be necessary to refocus what is achievable with limited resources such that we can ensure that sufficient resources will be directed to our core mission of teaching, research, and service. It is not possible for OSU to do more for less and difficult decisions will need to be made about which programs can grow and which may need to be restructured. Because the Faculty Senate has primary responsibility for academic programs, it is critical that faculty continue to be engaged in this important process to ensure that we can provide the highest quality programs possible for the resources available.

Of considerable importance to our faculty are issues related to salary, health and retirement benefits. OSU must retain our talented faculty and continue to attract the "best and the brightest." To be successful in these endeavors, we need to remain vigilant and interactive with the administration to ensure the priority remains on developing plans to increase faculty salaries, limit the continued erosion of our retirement plans, and ensure election of our primary health care.

The Faculty Senate can make a difference to the future of OSU, the quality of our academic programs, and in the lives of our faculty. It is essential that we actively represent the needs of our faculty and university to the administration and to foster communications with the State Legislature. My experiences include being a member of the Executive Committee, a Senator, chair of the Graduate Council, teacher of baccalaureate and non-baccalaureate core courses, panel manager for the USDA competitive grants program, and active research scientist and administrator of research grants for the past sixteen years. I believe these experiences should be useful to help effectively engage administrators and faculty in relevant discussions and in the development of strategies necessary to tackle these central issues.