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2006 President-Elect Faculty Senate Candidate

JANET NISHIHARA (at OSU since 1981), Assistant Professor, Academic and Counseling Coordinator, Educational Opportunities Program, Student Affairs.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Diversity Council, 2005-present (Chair, 2005-06); Student Recognition and Awards Committee, 2004-present; Executive Committee, 2001-03 and 1992-94; Student Affairs Senator, 1999-01; DPD Task Force, 1999-00; Interinstitutional Faculty Senate, 1996-99; Academic Regulations Committee, 1995-98 (Chair, 1997-98); Affirming Diversity Subcommittee of Baccalaureate Core Committee, 1992-94; Baccalaureate Core Committee, 1991-94 (Chair, 1993-94); Academic Requirements Committee, 1990-95 (Chair, 1991-92); and Academic Advising Committee, 1989-91; Associated Senator, 1988-94; and Unassociated Senator, 1984-86.

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: BEST (student athlete bridge program) planning team member, 2006; Suicide Awareness Work Group, 2006-present; Beaver Orientation Team, 2006-present; Association of Faculty for the Advancement of People of Color (AFAPC) steering committee, 2003-present; Bias Response Team, 2003-present; President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCOSW), 2003-05; Difference, Power, and Discrimination (DPD) Advisory Board, 2003-present (co-convener, 2004-present); Faculty Mentor, McNair Scholars Program, 2002-03; Undergraduate Admission Criteria Interest Group (UACIG), 2002-03; Facilitator/Convener, OSU 2007 Diversity Redesign Team, 2000-02; Academic Success, Access, and Advising Team, OSU 2007, 2000-02; Internal Review Team, University Housing and Dining Services, 1999-00; Students of Color Recruitment and Retention Committee, 1998-present; Faculty Advisor, Asian/ Pacific American Student Union, 1998-present; Asian/Pacific American Education Office Advisory Board, 1998-00; Retention Subcommittee, Undergraduate Education Council, 1996-99; JoAnn J. Trow Woman of Distinction Selection Committee, 1995-present; Faculty Advisor, Asian Student Association, 1994-96; Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee, Undergraduate Education Council, 1993-96; Ethnic Studies Committee, 1993-95; Diversity Subcommittee, Undergraduate Education Council, 1993-95; Asian Cultural Center Advisory Board, 1990-present; University Financial Aid Committee, 1985-88 (Chair, 1986-88); Faculty Advisor, Cambodian Student Association, 1984-present; and Faculty Advisor, TALONS (Sophomore Women's Service Honorary), 1984-88.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: DPD Director, 2006; Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator, 2005; College Assistance Migrant Program Director (Chair), 2004; Coordinator of LGBT Services, 2004; Student Support Services Director (Chair), 2001; Director of Career Services, 1997; Asian/Pacific American Education Coordinator, 1997; Diversity Education Coordinator, Chair, 1996; and Director, Office of Career Planning and Placement, 1990.

Candidate Statement: I bring the dedication, enthusiasm, and work ethic to faculty governance which others have brought to this office before me. The difference I bring rests in the uniqueness of my experience at OSU. My work partnering with various offices and departments, and the relationships I have developed over the years, covers a broad swath of our campus community. I will work to bring together faculty with a variety of responsibilities and viewpoints so our combined energies can create an even stronger university. As shown by my continued efforts to improve campus climate, I believe that we can make meaningful change.

What will be the critical issues for faculty over the next two years, and how can you help move those issues forward on their behalf? How has your experience prepared you for this position?

Several critical issues face us in the next few years. Some of those are ones that have faced our institution since its beginning, while others come as a part of our technologically enhanced and culturally diverse society in the twenty-first century. The lack of adequate funding to do things as we know they should best be done will always be a major roadblock for us. Another major issue will be in continuing to strive for a balance between providing an excellent undergraduate education while maintaining our standing as a source of respected research.

With continuously dwindling budgets and growing needs, we, as faculty, must work harder to converge our efforts in working toward common goals. A major example of this is the need for the student affairs and academic affairs sides to work more closely to determine areas where we can pool efforts while still remaining true to our disciplinary philosophies.

In addition, we must continue to lay the foundation for achieving those aspects of our mission and vision which will take longer to reach. Included here is the need to increase access to higher education for students who have historically found such access problematic. We need to be what we say we want to be - inclusive, welcoming and friendly. While we must continue to expect the best from ourselves and our students, we must also learn more about all of the students who come to us to learn - where their strengths and weaknesses lie so that we can enhance their abilities in both areas.

I have had many opportunities at OSU to learn about the wide variety of responsibilities and experiences that faculty face each day. I have worked in Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, as an academic advisor, teaching Bacc Core and basic skills courses, creating curriculum and professional development programs, as a funded grant writer, and as an advisor to student organizations. I have worked closely with student leaders, and I have also participated in leadership positions with the OSU Faculty Senate and beyond the campus boundaries. While a majority of my job entails providing academic support for underrepresented undergraduates, I also enjoy the opportunity to mentor graduate students. I believe that I have had great opportunities to learn about many parts of the university beyond what is written into my job description. This experience has helped me to see the university from a variety of viewpoints and to be able to see it as more than the sum of its parts. It is this whole, and the promise that OSU brings as a state university, that fills me with excitement about representing our wide and varied faculty in order to work toward fulfilling that promise