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2005 President-Elect Faculty Senate Candidate

MIKE QUINN (at OSU since 1989), Professor, Computer Science, College of Engineering; Head of Computer Science, 1998-02; and Interim Head of Computer Science, 1997-98.

FACULTY SERVICE: Engineering Senator, 2003-present; Executive Committee, 2004-present; Curriculum Council, 2004-present, 1999-02 (Chair 2001-02); and Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee, 2003-present (Chair 2004-present).

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING SERVICE: Engineering Excellence Steering Committee, 2000; OSU-OGI Alliance Task Force, 2000; College Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1997-02; and Chancellor's Academic Programs and Industry Relations Committee for Statewide College of Engineering, 1996.

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: University Budget Committee, 2004-present; Misconduct Policy Review Committee, 2004-present; Honorary Doctorate Committee, 2003-present; Undergraduate Academic Program Review, Department of Mathematics, 2003 (Chair); OSU 2007 Information Services Alignment Task Force, 2002 (Chair); OSU 2007 Institutional and Unit Management Committee, 2002; OSU 2007 Curricular Issues Planning Team (ex-officio), 2002; Distinguished Professor Screening Committee, 2000-present (Chair 2003-present); and Ad Hoc Committee on Graduate Student Unionization, 1999.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Director of Academic Programs, 2004; New Media Director (ex-officio), 2001; Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, 2000; Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, 2000; and Dean of Engineering, 1998.

Candidate Statement: I wish to serve as Faculty Senate President because I believe I have the experience, the contacts, and the communication skills necessary to ensure that the faculty perspective is heard. I am completing a two-year term on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, so I am familiar with the issues currently facing the Faculty Senate. My experience on many other University-level committees has given me a deep understanding of OSU's internal processes. This understanding, plus my ability to speak up when others are silent, will help me promote the interests of the faculty during this critical time in the University's history.

What will be the critical issues for faculty over the next two years, and how can you help move those issues forward on their behalf? How has your experience prepared you for this position?

By far the most critical issue for OSU faculty over the next two years will be the continuing campus-wide budgetary meltdown. In the past five years hundreds of vacant tenured and tenure-track faculty positions have gone unfilled. A further thinning of the faculty ranks is imminent as departments cut budgets in order to fund the first faculty salary increase in three years.

The State is walking away from its commitment to higher education. In the 1999-2001 biennium, students bore 41% of their educational costs, while the State contributed 51%. In this biennium, the students' share of educational costs has risen to 56%, while the State's share has dropped to 35%. In the same six-year period, funding per student FTE has risen only 4%, from $10,015 to $10,423. We all know the result of this budgetary strangulation: we have fewer people teaching and advising more students.

We are in a bad fix with respect to faculty salaries. Some departments are unable to compete for top new faculty candidates because they cannot offer competitive salaries. Other department chairs do have the ability to attract excellent assistant professors by paying market rates, but they cannot give more senior faculty members the raises they deserve. As a result, there are serious salary inequities in many departments. To make progress towards solving these problems, OSU needs significant additional revenue.

I can help move these issues forward by speaking candidly and forcefully to the OSU administration, the State Board of Higher Education, and the Legislature. I have the experience it takes to be a powerful advocate for the faculty. I am completing a two-year term on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, so I am familiar with how the Executive Committee operates and the issues facing the Faculty Senate. Having served as a department head for five years, I understand the unfair burdens being placed on unit leaders all over campus. My service on a wide variety of University-level committees has given me the opportunity to work with people from every college on campus.

Talk to people who have worked with me, and they'll tell you that I have a knowledgeable, campus-wide perspective on the key issues facing Oregon State University. I would be honored to serve as your Faculty Senate President.