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2003 Elections


December 2003

Beth Barker (at OSU since 1999), Director, Office of Business Affairs, Professional Faculty.
Faculty Senate Service: Associated Senator 2001-present and Faculty Status Committee, 2000-present (Chair, 2002-present).

Business Affairs Service: OSU Business Managers Group, 1999-present (Co-Chair); OSU Financial Reporting Task Force, 2001-02 (Chair).

University Service: Professional Faculty Task Force 2002-03 and Student Health Advisory Committee, 1999-present.

Search Committees: Business Manager, Student Health Services, 2003; Director, Facilities Services, 2001; and Controller, Facilities Services, 2000.

Candidate Statement: I have participated in Faculty Consultative Group meetings and noted a substantial need at OSU for faculty advocacy, and the potential for the Executive Committee (EC) to provide that advocacy. Many voices are missing from the institutional decision-making dialogue, and all faculty should be a strong voice in that dialogue. As an EC member, I would provide: a comprehensive understanding of the flow of funds through OSU, a capacity to effectively analyze and articulate financial issues within OSU’s complex financial structure, and a strongly held belief that service in the Faculty Senate directly contributes to the achievement of OSU’s mission.

* * * * * * * * * *

Moira E.W. Dempsey (at OSU since 1993), Instructor, Assistant Director, Center for Writing and Learning.

FACULTY SENATE: Associated Senator, 2002 to present.

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Academic Success, Advising and Access, 2007 sub-committee 2002; Academic Affairs Advisory Council, 2001-02; Part of three-member team to facilitate meetings for the merger of Health and Human Performance and Home Economics, 2001; Student Preparedness Work Group, 2001 (Co-chair); President’s Commission on the Status of Women, 2000–present (Co-chair 2003-present); FYE/Academic Success Work Group 2000-03 (Co-chair); InterACTION! Consultant, Kellogg Critical Issues Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring Project; Women’s Center Advisory Board 2000-03; and InterACTION! Design Team and Coaching Program 1999- present.

SEARCH COMMITTEE: Director of Residential Life, 2001 and Writing Center Coordinator, 1999 and 1996.

Candidate Statement: Perhaps at no other time has OSU faced such steep challenges with budget constraints, low faculty morale, and resource allocation. My work with faculty, staff, and students through the Center for Writing and Learning gives me a unique perspective on the challenges and possibilities facing this institution. I am acutely interested in the student retention, and I have worked with faculty across the disciplines to improve student success. I bring to the Executive Committee a deep-seated desire to strengthen faculty governance and to improve learning, teaching, and research.

* * * * * * * * * *

JOAN E. GROSS (at OSU since 1989), Professor, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts; Northwest Interinstitutional Council on Study Abroad in Avignon, France, Spring 1992; OSSHE Resident Director of Study Abroad Programs in France, 1995-96; Director of the Difference, Power, Discrimination Program 1998-99; and Northwest Interinstitutional Council on Study Abroad in Angers, France, Fall 1999.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Liberal Arts Senator, 1998-present; Member Curriculum Council 2000- present; and Affirming Diversity Committee 1990-91 (Chair).

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS SERVICE: Faculty Council, 2000-present (President 2003-present); and Curriculum Committee, 1999-present and1993-1995 (Chair 2000-01),

UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Oregon State System of Higher Education Executive Board on Study Abroad Programs in France, 1992-present (Member); OSU Center for the Humanities, 1997- 1999; 2003-present (Advisory Board); Difference, Power and Discrimination Program, 1992-present (Advisory Board); International Issues Group, 2002 (Chair); Undergraduate Academic Program Review, International Degree 2001 (Chair); and Study Abroad and Internship Advisory Board 2002-03 (Chair 2003-present).

SEARCH COMMITTEE: Director, Difference, Power and Discrimination Program, 2002

Candidate Statement: I sincerely believe in shared governance of the university. I will try my best to represent the faculty and staff and keep student interests in mind throughout our discussions. My long involvement with issues of diversity and international programs on campus as well as my teaching and research spanning social sciences and the humanities has prepared me for the task.

* * * * * * * * * *

Rakesh Gupta (at OSU since 1991), Associate Professor, Department of Wood Science and Engineering, College of Forestry.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Forestry Senator, 2002–present and 1994-97; Graduate Admissions Committee, 2003–present; Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1999-02 (Chair 2001-02); and Graduate Council, 1996-98.

COLLEGE OF FORESTRY SERVICE: Building Community Committee 2002–present; WSE Graduate Affairs Committee, 2003-present and1995-97; and WSE Retention and Recruiting Committee 2000-03.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Panel Member - Reflection on Scholarship (Faculty Position Description)

Candidate Statement: The reason I agreed to serve on the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate is because I believe in the faculty governance of the University. As a matter of fact, not only do I believe in the faculty governance of the University but I believe in the governance of the university ‘by the people of the university, for the people of the university and of the people of the university’. Since I have not served on too many university committees, I believe that I can bring ‘out-side-the-box’ ideas to the Executive Committee.

* * * * * * * * * *

Michael Quinn (at OSU since 1989), Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Science.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Engineering Senator, 2003-present; Budgets & Fiscal Planning Committee, 2003-present; and Curriculum Council, 1999-02 (Chair 2001-02).

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING SERVICE: Head of Computer Science, 1997-02.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Undergraduate Academic Program Review for Mathematics, 2003 (Chair); OSU Distinguished Professor Screening Committee, 2003 (Chair); OSU 2007 Institutional and Unit Management Committee, 2002; Information Services Alignment Team, 2002 (Chair); Distinguished Professor Screening Committee, 2001; Engineering Excellence, 2000; OSU-OGI Alliance Task Force, 2000; OSU Accreditation Steering Committee, 2000-01; and Ad hoc Committee on Graduate Student Unionization, 1999.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: New Media Director, 2001(ex officio); Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, 2000; Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, 2000; and Dean of Engineering, 1998.

Candidate Statement: My work on the Curriculum Council has given me a much deeper respect for the principle that faculty members should control the curriculum. In the past 14 years I have had the opportunity to work effectively with administrators, teaching and professional faculty members, and classified staff from all over the University. I am a team player. The administration understands that
OSU must change in response to its fiscal difficulties. Because these changes may affect our academic programs, it is vital that faculty members help determine the route these changes should take. I will firmly, yet politely, contribute to these deliberations.

* * * * * * * * * *

John Selker (at OSU since 1991), Professor, Bioengineering, College of Agricultural Sciences.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Agricultural Sciences Senator, 2002-present and 1997; and Graduate Council, 2002-present.

Candidate Statement: I think it appropriate that I serve in this role based on my experience at OSU and my willingness to vigorously advocate for the academic culture of the university. I will speak for opportunities where OSU can become an even more intellectually exciting place to be; where students find excellence in teaching, advising, and their peer community; where faculty are supported to freely develop and exchange ideas. I will insist that academic freedom be protected from administrative convenience as we head into an unprecedented period of change.

* * * * * * * * * *

Juan Antonio "Tony" Trujillo (at OSU since 1997), Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, College of Liberal Arts.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Liberal Arts Senator, 2001-present; and Diversity Council, 2002-present.

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS SERVICE: Bill Wilkins Award Committee 2002, 2003; Curriculum Committee, 2001-2002; and Coordinator, Language Arts Media Center, 1998-present.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Language in Culture Certificate Program, 2003-present (Co-Director); Latin American Affairs Certificate Program, 2000-present (Director); and Centro Cultural César Chávez Advisory Board, 1998-present.

SEARCH COMMITTEES: Internal/External Coordinators Centro Cultural César Chávez, 2003; Assistant Director, International Degree Program, 2001-02; and Department-level searches in Latin American and Francophone Studies.

Candidate Statement: At this important moment in the development of the institution, it is critical that the full range of perspectives and experiences at OSU be heard. I intend to facilitate communication between decision makers and faculty from traditionally underrepresented communities with whom I interact on a regular basis. I also intend to advocate for the intellectual space and institutional flexibility necessary to allow faculty from all disciplines to implement progressive educational models consistent with the fundamental principles of critical pedagogy and social justice. I aim for an academic environment that is learner centric, community oriented, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and liberating.

* * * * * * * * * *

John C. Westall (at OSU since 1980), Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, Colleges of Science and Agricultural Sciences.

FACULTY SENATE SERVICE: Science Senator, 1999-present.

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE SERVICE: Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2002 (Chair); Chemistry, Math, Physics Service Course Committee, 2000-01; Strategic Planning Committee 1999-01; and Dean's Advisory Committee, 1998-00 (Chair).

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES SERVICE: Student Recruitment and Retention Committee, 2000.

OTHER UNIVERSITY SERVICE: OSU 2007 Satellite Team on Financial and Business Processes, 2002-03; OSU 2007 Committee on Organizational Structures for Administrative Services, 2002-03; Technology Accessibility Workgroup, 2002-2003; OSU-OGI Task Force, 2000; Graduate Admissions Task Force, 2000-01 (Chair); and Linus Pauling Heritage Committee, 1998-03.

SEARCH COMMITTEE: Director of Environmental Health Sciences Center, 2001.

Candidate Statement: I have worked in leadership roles with people from all sectors of the University, and I am familiar with issues at the interface between academics and administration. I try to approach problems by listening to all points of view and incorporating whatever quantitative data are available. I believe that this background would be valuable to the EC both in advancing programs of the University and in just getting things done. (Postscript: I would do my best to see that motions brought to the floor through the EC do not require extensive editing for clarity by the entire Senate.)

* * * * * * * * * *