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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » December 2, 2003

Library Committee

December 2, 2003

Members: Ken Winograd (chair), Mark Edwards, Bob Rost, Barbara Gartner, Adam Taylor, Mo Healey, Linda Ashkenas, Melody Putman, and Gary Beach; Karyle Butcher (ex-officio); Bonnie Allen (guest); Kevin Bokay (Admin. Assistant)

  1. Discussed issues facing scholastic publishing - the Big Deal:
    1. This is a package deal that publishers of journals propose to promote their lesser-used journals by packaging them with other widely popular journals.

    2. Many times the "deal" is weighted heavily in favor of the publisher, with a three-year or more buy-in, with penalties for early cancellations.

    3. Although the biggest offender nowadays is Elsevier, others are quickly using the same model.

    4. OSU Libraries does not have a packaged deal with any publisher at this time, although they'd like to have a package (searchable journals) that can be used - and there are some 400 individual subscriptions the Library would like to get a better deal on.

    5. These publications are based on research that the taxpayer has (usually) paid for. The author gives up their rights to it, and academic libraries have to buy the same research again at high prices.

    6. Elsevier is just the leader in the field. It is turning a good profit for its shareholders, so there's little complaint from anyone, including faculty.

    7. What can be done? Open access to tax-payer funded data/research; address tenure/publishing issues; e.g., professional society journals, Bio-one, Public Library of Science, SPARC, institutional repositories, and other alternative models of scholarly publishing.

    8. Bill Lunch has submitted a proposal to the full senate for consideration that deals with this issue.

  2. Discussed previous FSLC resolution
    1. The previous resolution was submitted to administration by the Faculty Senate four years ago by FSLC when it was chaired by Gary Beach, requesting an increase in G&E support to the libraries in line with our peer institutions.

    2. Support for the libraries was also mentioned in the accreditation report. The administration has not responded to this recommendation.

    3. Beach will draft a memo/resolution for the full Faculty Senate.

Notes by: Kevin Bokay