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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » October 1, 2003

Library Committee

October 1, 2003

Attending Members:
Ken Winograd (chair), Mark Edwards, Bob Rost, Barbara Gartner, Adam Taylor, Mo Healey, Linda Ashkenas, Melody Putman, Dianne Erickson

Karyle Butcher (ex-officio)
Bonnie Allen (guest)
Kevin Bokay (Admin Assistant)

  1. Welcome and Introductions

  2. Dates/times for future meetings:
    1. 30 Oct 03, 3:30-5pm

    2. 2 Dec 03, 3:30-5pm

    3. 6 Jan 04, 3:30-5pm

    4. 3 Feb 04, 3:30-5pm

    5. 2 Mar 04, 3:30-5pm

    6. 8 Apr 04, 3:30-5pm

    7. 4 May 04, 3:30-5p

  3. Review and discussion of the committee's purpose.
    1. The committee reviewed the standing rules.

    2. No changes were suggested.

  4. Consideration of committee's agenda for the year
    1. Expanding access to literary materials and services-broaden constituencies
    2. Broaden definition of what collections are, eg. plant pathology.
    3. Discern where collections are deep/shallow. That is, what are our weak collections and what can the committee do to help.
    4. Where are we deficient in core collections?
    5. Look at webpage development, possibly a briefing from Mary Caughey of the web group.
    6. How does the library serve the statewides?
    7. How does library administration work? What issues is the library facing now?
    8. Tutorial from someone in CCD selection.
    9. Library as portal for all digital information found being developed on campus.
    10. Discuss the university's strategic plan.

  5. Other issues. Bonnie Allen would like someone to assist in library research travel grants.

Notes by Kevin Bokay