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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » October 18, 2002

Library Committee

October 18, 2002

Present: Mark Edwards, chair; Bonnie Allen, Karyle Butcher, Dianne Erickson, Heidi Brayman-Hackel, Mo Healey, Larry Landis, Bob Rost, Ken Winograd

  1. Welcome and introductions

  2. Discussion of highlights in orientation packets:
      a. Review of major topics of discussion and decisions in 2001-2002.
  3. Report on the state of the Library and areas of support from the Committee
    • Preview of major topics for this academic year
    • Suggestions for other new business to address this year

  4. Confirming proposed meeting times for fall term meetings
    • November 21, 2002 and December 12, 2002
  1. Mark welcomed new Committee members and made introductions.

  2. Mark reviewed topics of discussion and decisions in 2001-2002.

      a. Evaluating demand for short-term library study rooms.
      b. Library advocates in the OSU redesign discussion.
      c. Satellite teams involved in achieving ARL status for the library.
      d. Continued efforts to pursue ARL status.
      e. Monitor Category I Proposals procedures and indirect costs distribution.

  3. Mark passed out potential issues for the Committee to address this year.

      a. Shared collections with the University of Oregon.
      b. Collaboration with the University of Washington Libraries.
      c. Continue to seek ARL status.
      d. Continued advocacy for the library via satellite team in OSU 2007 process.
      e. Suggestions from the University Librarian:

      1. Identifying key services to ensure continued funding.

      2. Proposal to move to electronic publications where feasible and useful.

      3. Explore ways to obtain better feedback from faculty and graduate students on services they need.

      4. Working with other institutional repositories to find shared server space and software to allow faculty to make their research information available to others within the wider academic community.

      5. Joint University of Oregon and Oregon State University Faculty Senate Library Committee.

    Additional items:
    • Mark suggested using the December meeting to get feedback from the Library's redesigned web page. He asked the Committee to make notes about the web page (areas that are confusing, hard to find, etc.) and send back to the Committee for review.
    • Mo Healey asked for an organizational (or flow) chart for the next meeting.

Notes by Kevin Bokay