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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » January 17, 2011

Library Committee

January 17, 2011

Members present:
Mark Edwards, Bob Rost, Heidi Brayman Hackel, Karyle Butcher, Larry Landis, Dianne Erickson


  1. Update on our letter to Redesign Committee 12-10-01 (Heidi)
  2. Update on budget cuts (Karyle)
  3. Discussion of collaboration with University of Oregon Libraries
  4. News/New business
  1. Update on our letter to Redesign Committee
      a) No formal response yet.
      b) Should members of this committee attend meeting with President Risser to discuss redesign and rally for library to be on the academic side? Several slots are available at each of the remaining meetings, though not enough for the entire committee to go at once.
        i) Need lots of voices at many meetings.
        ii) Attend as individuals, not as a committee (Risser needs to hear support for the library from many sources, not only from one group which represents the library).
        iii) Should we develop a set of useful questions to ask at these meetings? No, more beneficial to discuss possible questions and let individuals take it from there.
      c) Send copy of letter to Bruce Sorte.
      d) Big redesign issues are overwhelming and leaves people in limbo; this committee might tackle some local issues (e.g. noise, food and drink, library policies, etc) for the time being.

  2. Update on budget cuts
      a) No actual info on next year's budget.
      b) Rather than cut collections, we will use gift money to buy subscriptions.
      c) Archives treated as "administration" (6.5%); Library Admin will be cut 6.5% as well; Mark McCambridge is not changing reduction figures this year, but will next year.
      d) Approach '03 as though this year's budget is what we have to get under next year.
      e) Waiting for results is OUS audit -> May?

  3. Discussion of collaboration with University of Oregon Libraries
      a) Had a meeting with UO.
        i) Developed principles/objectives.
        ii) UO has task force already, has had conversations about process.
        iii) We still need to have the conversations.
      b) Big picture: leverage collections money between the two libraries to get the best collections possible.
      c) Review of 4 objectives (see letter).
      d) Questions/Comments.
        i) Will campus support this concept? Answer will have to come from input from this committee.
        ii) Will bound volumes be available to students and faculty? The University Librarians are leaning towards yes, but need further input (idea: 3-day loan to students).
        iii) Will items go through ORBIS or ILL? ILL processing can be very slow-orders not put in in a timely fashion, then wrong item ordered.
        iv) JSTOR is a couple years behind, but if neither library owns the items, then patrons will have to wait a couple years for access to the materials ->perhaps buy titles and keep unbound in stacks for a couple years, but then never bind them.
        v) Problem with only bound journals being available (hard for faculty to stay current) -> let unbound issues circulate too, maybe only available in libraries.
          (1) What about getting scans of TOC's, articles, etc.
          (2) Having journals on shelf is much more conducive to faculty staying current in their field than having to go through ORBIS/ILL. Access vs. Ownership.
      e) Conclusion: Yes, take agreement to UO that we will start a task force to:
        i) Begin working out process.
        ii) Task force meets with Faculty Senate Library Committee.
        iii) Joint UO/OSU Faculty Senate Library Committee meeting?

  4. News/New Business
      a) Natural Resources digital library.
        i) Working with College of Forestry (Hal Salwasser).
        ii) Applying for grants to develop digital collections in natural resources - new electronic info as well as digitizing older info.
      b) Gray Family Endowment -> Meetings to discuss best access for finding the information you need.
      c) Archives grant -> consortium of NW archives/special collections, looking to create a new standard of archival description.
      d) ORBIS concerns: 5-day period too short; have email announcement day before item is to be returned? Karyle will look into it.
      e) Noise and food complaints.
        i) Quiet floors are available: 4th and 5th floor Rotundas, entire 6th
        ii) Food remains an issue, though it's better than in past years.
(Notes by Karen Russ)