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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » June 12, 2001

Library Committee

June 12, 2001

Attending: Larry Landis, Dianne Erickson, Christine Armer, Heidi Brayman Hackel, Mina Ossiander
Library Staff: Bonnie Allen, Kevin Bokay, Karyle Butcher


  1. Follow-up to accreditation

  2. Library happenings

      a. COCC/OSU partnership for the OSU-Cascades Campus
      b. Library budget
      c. Library fall in-service day
      d. Collections report
      e. Initiative for the upcoming year (digital collections, stacks maintenance and space     issues, building supervisory capacity)

  3. Faculty Senate proposal concerning library procedures Budgetary issues updates (the latest on Category I proposals, indirect costs, etc.)

  4. Announcement of the committee chair for 2001/02

  5. Other announcements

Follow-up to accreditation
The whole document has not been released at this time. The emphasis of the whole process was whether the university was meeting the goals it had set for itself. Recommendations by the committee will be reviewed in five years to see if progress is being made. It was a good process, tactfully done. The report doesn't point fingers or assign blame, just address resources to fix the problems it uncovered.

Archives issues were discussed with the team. Some of the issues were: location - out of the way, prone to flood, next to a meeting room, inadequate circulation, environmental conditions not ideal; lack of visibility. These would have been library issues regardless of archives' move to the library.

Indirect cost issues. Grants do not allow money to go directly to support facilities, only through the indirect can these costs be recovered. OSU is renegotiating federal indirect costs through HHS. We think facilities on campus have deteriorated to a point that renegotiation will send the rate downward, lower than 43%.

Library happenings
COCC/OSU partnership for the OSU-Cascades Campus - We're looking for a librarian and a .5FTE library technician. We're starting to order some monographs and discussing a catalog merge and sharing databases.

Library Budget
From a recent meeting with Rob Specter - Budget will probably remain status quo. This would likely mean a serials cut, but not drastic since inflation is holding steady. We may have to cut some databases, especially those that receive limited use. We're going to request TRF for 2 year intervals to stabilize income.

Digital Collections
The library is looking for a funding opportunity for the Natural Resources Digital Library project.

Collections Report
LigQual survey result will be at American Library Association soon. The Faculty Senate Library Committee will get them next fall.

The library is still looking for more space. The 1st floor was full, but the storage project has made some room. We'll have space problems taken care of in two more years. The project has currently taken over 40,000 volumes to storage. These were serials and monographs that had no circulation in the last year to 1959.

Periodicals: we're starting to use gray boards for preservation of displayed journals.

Energy conservation is still an issue. We're trying to cut back while maintaining current levels of service and security. We're looking into sensors on lighting tracks, timers, and doing most maintenance activities during the daytime.

Library Fall In-Service Day
The library is beginning planning for a fall in-service day to train staff and build morale. Library will be closed for one day. We're looking closely at the calendar for a good day to do this.

Faculty Senate proposal concerning library procedures
Gary Beach's Category I proposals and the Library budget were discussed.

Announcement of the committee chair for 2001/02
Heidi Brayman Hackel is committee chair for 2001/02. Larry thanked committee members and said he would submit an annual report.

Meeting adjourned.