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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » February 26, 2001

Library Committee

February 26, 2001

Attending: Larry Landis, Ajoy Velayudhan, Diane Erickson, David Horne, Christine Armer, Cynthia Towey, Darlene Judd, Heidi Brayman Hackel
Library Staff: Bonnie Allen, Kevin Bokay, Karyle Butcher

1. Review/approval of January minutes
2. Library happenings/items from library staff
3. Ongoing discussion items:
a. Indirect cost redistribution - discussion of subcommittee's Feb 22 meeting with Rich Holdren, interim VP for Research
b. TRF Funds
c. Category I Proposals
d. Ramp up to 4% of G&E budget
4. University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library exhibit on library costs
5. March meeting date
6. Adjourn

Approve minutes of January meeting
Minutes were reviewed, approved.

Library happenings/items from library staff. Karyle spoke of the Digital Library Initiative on Natural Resources (Janine Salwasser, project officer), and Tsunami research that the university and library are involved in. She also talked about the organization of the modern electronic library portion of this research, i.e., researchers' materials - primary sources; lay persons - secondary sources; and children and others - more general information - all based on reference interviews. She talked about Cheri Pancake's Tsunami research and the possible link to the library could be accomplished through the Gray Family Endowment.

Bonnie: Jstor has been licensed, should be up in the spring. She brought a new SPARC pamphlet and passed it around the group. On Bend: we'll not build a new library, but will employ a full-time librarian. $100k will start the collection. At Big 12 Plus' meeting in Tempe with Karyle and Tim: journal's high prices are not due to libraries action, but faculty's reluctance to rock the boat.

Indirect cost redistribution - discussion of subcommittee's Feb 22 meeting with Rich Holdren Larry and Ajoy met with Rich Holdren. Library's share of indirect is 3% of $17mil. Currently receiving $427k - we don't know why there's a discrepancy. Larry passed out a hand-out that listed peer institutions and their library expenditures. Discussion included questions to be drafted for Toby's replacement when candidates meet with different campus groups.

TRF Funds: Bonnie: We need to decide to what degree students use the library technology resources, taking a sampling of use, also of proxy server. Difficulties in vendors identifying status of users, some do, some don't, others use different counts. Bonnie will submit a proposal in the amount of about $500k. The problem to be addressed is reliable, predictable funding for technology resources for the library.

Category I Proposals: Larry - no change. We still need a mechanism to transfer funds.

Replacement for Shiao-ling: position is still vacant.