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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » January 22, 2001

Library Committee

January 22, 2001

Attending: Larry Landis, David Horne, Christine Armer, Cynthia Twohy, Darlene Judd, Mark Larson,
Library Staff: Bonnie Allen, Kevin Bokay, Karyle Butcher


1. Review/approval of November minutes
2. Committee vacancy (replacement for Shiao-ling Yu for remainder of academic year)
3. Library happenings/items form library staff
a. Storage
b. Budget
c. Jstor & Web of Science
d. Addition of netLibrary
4. Ongoing discussion items
a. Category I proposals
b. Indirect costs redistribution
c. Status of ramp up to 4% of E&G budget.
5. Technology Resource Fee (TRF) funds
6. February meeting dates
7. Adjourn

Approve minutes of November meeting
Minutes were approved after minor corrections.

Committee vacancy (replacement for Shiao-ling for remainder of academic year). Larry said that he would prefer someone who was not only interested in finishing out Shiao-ling's term (till next fall) but wanted to continue with the three-year term she will leave vacant beginning in the fall of 02. He asked committee members to recruit for this position.

Library Happenings/items from library staff. Bonnie passed out copies of the collection budget projections for FY00/01. Scenarios included paying for Jstor out of one budget cycle or spreading payment over three years.

Announcements from Library Staff
The storage project is on-going. We began by moving ceased periodicals and monographs from 1950 with little or no circulation/use. We're looking for other low-use materials. So far, the response is good with only one retrieval request.

Budget: OSU has to cut $40 million for a myriad of reasons. President Risser has not identified areas to be cut yet. Library has also recently received $2million for an endowed chair "Innovative Technologies." Right now the library is focusing on Natural Resources and web development.

JSTOR/Web of Science: JSTOR stands for Journal Storage and is a project to digitize core scholarly journals to and make the articles available in full image format. JSTOR provides access to full runs of humanities and science journals back as far as the mid 1800s.

The researcher sees on the screen the image of the original page of the publication but with the convenience of it being delivered on the desktop. This project not only provided access to sometimes fragile bound journals and preserves the journals for wider use, but will save miles of shelf space in libraries

Number of members: 700 in US, 915 world wide (7 current members in Oregon)
Number of journals: 147, 1.2 million articles, 8 million pages
Dates: as old at mid 1800s for the Royal Society of London titles
Subjects: Economics, Mathematics, Ecology, Botany, Anthropology, Literature and History
OSU connection: Jane Lubchenko was on an early Board of Directors and was instrumental in getting Science journal digitized by JSTOR. It is available from 1880 - 1995 on JSTOR

Web of Science: created by the Institute of Scientific Information. The Institute of Scientific Information creates three major databases for science, social science and arts publications. The Web of Science indexes publication since 1970 and are adding older issues all the time. It is a web based search tool of journals from the most prestigious publishers in the field.

For Science alone. A searcher would have access to the current citations of 5,800 science journals. The database adds over 18,700 articles per week, or 14 million per year. The full text of the article can be ordered by the searcher and faxed to the office or the desktop. In addition to the article searches, the searcher can trace the research done by a colleague by tracking the author's publications. An author can determine the impact of his/her publication by finding how often other researchers in their publication cite his/her work. We can scope the search to OSU only and get a listing of where, how often and who cites OSU researchers work by other researchers in the world.

David Horne motioned to go ahead with the purchase of Web of Science. Mark Larson seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the decision to go ahead with the purchase of Web of Science was unanimous.

Category I proposals: The curriculum committee is aware of the funding issues and are addressing them. Some departments are still upset when they realize that a library component has to be funded. The committee is revising the curriculum handbook which will incorporate library funding in the proposal process. The revised handbook will be out next year.

Indirect costs redistribution: As Toby is leaving and we're probably going to be dealing with an interim director who might be reluctant to make any real changes, we're going to survey our peer institutions and find out how they distribution indirect costs.

Status of ramp up to 4% of E&G budget: Larry is compiling data from peer institutions.

A discussion of TRF will be on next meeting's agenda.

Meeting was adjourned at 5pm.