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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » November 29, 2000

Library Committee

November 29, 2000

Members Present: Larry Landis, Heidi Brayman Hackel, David Horne, Christine Armer, Cynthia Twohy
Library Staff: Bonnie Allen, Kevin Bokay
Guests: Leonard Friedman, Gary Beach

1. Welcome
2. Review/approval of October minutes
3. Discussion of/update on other ongoing agenda items
a. Serials cost increases and cancellations/SPARC
b. Indirect costs redistribution (volunteers still needed for a subcommittee to address this issue).
c. Status of ramp up to 4% of E&G budget.
4. Announcements from Library staff
5. Discussion of Category I curriculum proposals with Leonard Friedman and Gary Beach.
6. Adjourn

Approve minutes of October meeting
A quorum was not present to approve the minutes.

Announcements from Library Staff
Bonnie explained the PR campaign that will take place at the beginning of next term to reinforce the food and drink policy in the library. The current policy allows for drinks in reusable, spill-proof containers in the library except for Special Collections, map areas, and the Serial Set area in Government Documents. No food or tobacco products of any kind are allowed in the library. The PR campaign will include increased signage and enforcement by the staff. We need the Student Association to buy into the program, too. She also said that she would like to talk about the use of storage and space issues in our library for the next meeting. She asked that these items be placed on the agenda.
Larry stated that the research study rooms had three applications for ten rooms. Those three were granted long-term research study room reservations.

Serial Costs/SPARC (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resource Coalition)
Larry distributed an article from the New York Times entitled "As Publishers Perish, Libraries Feel the Pain" that dealt with the current rise in the costs of serials. A discussion ensued in which the following points were considered:
  • Elsevier costs less to the author and publishes quicker.
  • What are the advantages for faculty to publish in society journals?
  • Perceptions of support for alternative routes to publishing instead of Elsevier.
  • Petitions with well-known people in their fields and circulating letters of support of alternative methods is a good tactic to send a message to publishers who arbitrarily raise prices annually.
  • Disadvantage of publishing with Elsevier is you sign away your copyright.
Indirect cost redistribution
David Horne and Ajoy Velayudhan will serve as a subcommittee and meet with Toby Hayes and the Research Council regarding indirect cost redistribution.

Status of ramp-up to 4%
Larry will contract Henry Sayre and find out what our next step should be.

Category I curriculum proposals
Leonard Friedman and Gary Beach presented some information on Category I proposals and the library's portion of the proposal. The following items were discussed:
  • Ignore the earlier proposal drafted by Gary.
  • This is a procedural issue; it should not go to Faculty Senate.
  • Where the library falls in the staffing process is important, should be at the point when other aspects of the proposal are finalized, but before funding sources are determined.
  • The Curriculum Council will develop a step-by-step proposal.
  • Proposal form or format will include signatures from department dean, head, chair and budget office.
  • Procedure needs to address common situation when departments believe they can support a new program with little or no new resources.
  • There needs to be an awareness that the library needs continual support for programs, i.e., an annual budget allocation to keep current materials for specific programs.
  • Proposal procedures must specify where funds are coming from, with agreement of all concerned principals.
Meeting was adjourned at 4:45pm.