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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » October 25, 2000

Library Committee

October 25, 2000

Attending: Larry Landis, Heidi Brayman Hackel, Diane Erickson, David Horne, Ajoy Velayudhan Student members: Cynthia Ross Library Staff: Karyle Butcher, Bonnie Allen, Kevin Bokay

Approve minutes of September 21 meeting
Minutes were approved.

Announcements from Library Staff
Karyle talked about the printing procedures and why the library has to charge for this service. This is a new process and the users will have to get used to the method. We have tried to make it as simple as possible, but there will still always be glitches when you're dealing with machines. The Diebold now accepts the new currency and we have staff from ID center adding funds to ID cards in the Information Commons. There have been ideas proposed about different ways to pay for printing, e.g. the TRF funds, grants, and a return to free printing. None of these approaches may be considered realistically, but we will continue to do the best we can. Please send all suggestions and complaints to Karyle, Bonnie, or Catherine so that we can monitor the situation. Karyle said she was very interested in comments about the library, especially where we were not connecting like we should with our customers. She said the input is needed to identify area where we need to improve our services.

Research study room policy update
Friday is the deadline to apply for a research study room. Lorraine and Larry are reviewing the applications and will notify the successful candidates after 10 Nov, when they plan to have finished reviewing all packets.

Category I curriculum proposals
Discussion ensued to explore methods for making proposals contingent on adequate library resource funding. First step is a review of existing library resources, if not adequate, a dollar amount is arrived at with a recurring requisite annual funding. So far, money to fund proposals has not been forthcoming from departments. The FSLC would like to put in place a mechanism for departmental or central funding to cover the costs of new proposals. Gary Beach wanted the FSLC to form a resolution asking/reaffirming this mechanism be put into place. Larry has been asked to continue to pursue this resolution. Gary has suggested he could work on this from his end also. Karyle suggested that the FSLC try to find another method of funding besides just departmental or central. Dave said the FSLC should try to profit from the president's proposal to make OSU a top-tier engineering university and get out of the "adequate" mode. Ajoy said that the university couldn't just keep adding programs without proper library support. He suggested that the curriculum committee must separate teaching and research materials and prioritize accordingly. The teaching/research comment was discussed and the need for highly specific materials for some PhD candidates. Larry suggested and it was agreed upon to invite Leonard Friedman from the curriculum committee and Gary Beach to the next meeting at the end of November or early December.

Serial Costs/SPARC (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resource Coalition)
Larry said that Henry Sayre suggested that the FSLC find out who the faculty members on campus that have been or are currently periodical or publishing editorial board members and meet with them to start an education process. Karyle and Bonnie talked at the Faculty Senate meeting to members and told the story of serials cancellations and the greater than 10% average annual increase that we are experiencing. Many of these journals are key and many of our faculty would like to use them i.e., Elsivir publications. We want to faculty to change the paradigm of publishing, in ways such as SPARC is doing. (SPARC is a worldwide alliance of research institutions, libraries and organizations that encourages competition in the scholarly communications market.) Karyle suggested that the goal of the FSLC should be to get behind journal editors on campus and get the education process started. Next meeting Bonnie will bring a list of current journal editors to the meeting. A discussion regarding electronic journals ensued, pros and cons, with the general consensus favoring full-text, real journals instead of electronic ones. Serendipitous learning is still a factor that electronic journal do not facilitate as of yet.

Indirect cost redistribution
Karyle noted that the library's share of the university's indirect has been $400k to $424k for many years now. Grants continue to increase, but not the library's portion of the indirect. Larry asked committee members to look into this matter with the Research Council and see if there's a way to increase the library's portion of the indirect. Ajoy Velayudhan volunteered.

Status of ramp-up to 4%
Last year Henry Sayre authored a resolution from the FLSC to increase the university's support of the library to 4% of the General and Education budget. Larry and Karyle will look into the disposition of the resolution.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:30pm.