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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » September 21, 2000

Library Committee

September 21, 2000

Attending: Larry Landis, Heidi Brayman Hackel, Shiao-ling Yu, Cynthia Twohy, Darlene Judd, Ajoy Velayudhan
Student members: Cynthia Ross
Library Staff: Bonnie Allen, Kevin Bokay

Agenda: 1. Welcome and Introductions 2. Announcements from Library Staff 3. Review of committee's work during 1999/2000 academic year 4. Issues to be addressed during 2000/2001 academic year 5. Announcements from Library Committee members 6. Meeting times 7. Adjourn Welcome and Introductions Members introduced themselves individually. Announcements from Library Staff Bonnie - thanked all members from Karyle and rest of library staff. Some events that are taking place Archives has joined the Library; they and Special Collections are in the process of digitizing their holdings. The Library has joined Big 12 Plus, a consortium of 30+ ARL-level libraries (Association of Research Libraries); this increases the collection, leverages the library for bigger projects. Charges for printing have recently been implemented. Printing is paid for by adding valued to your OSU ID, other patrons may buy cards in lobby. Copying charges were increased slightly, also. This change should save the library $70k in paper/printing costs. Review of committee's work during 1999/2000 academic year Gary Beach worked on a Category One Curriculum proposal, but did not submit it. Larry will continue with proposal and attempt to submit it this fall. Revision of Library Research Room Policy - The new policy is being implemented this term. There are 10 rooms that may be reserved long term for 2 terms or more. Students must submit their proposals for approval. Lorraine in Access will monitor compliance (rooms must be used at least eight times per month). Last year's committee discussed and supported the Library's decision to charge for printing, serial cuts, and ARL membership application. The conspectus developed last year on the library's holdings was also discussed and approved by last year's committee. Bonnie said she would arrange to have a copy of the conspectus on reserve for FSLC members (it is about 300 pages). The committee discussed the conspectus, but it was not an action item for approval. Issues to be addressed during 2000/2001 academic year Category One proposal - this is a mechanism to move funds from departments to the library so that new programs are not put in place without adequate library support. Cancellation of Serials - the committee will continue to discuss this issue. Bonnie handed out a pamphlet that explains the current situation with high-cost, low-use serials, and serials being priced out of libraries by publishers. The library now participates in SPARC (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resource Coalition) an ARL consortium that seeks to increase affordable accessibility to scholarly journals. ARL membership is another goal that the library will pursue this year. President Risser has sent a letter to ARL supporting our membership in early September. We expect to know something by the end of October. Fundraising - the committee will work on ways to be an advocate for the library in the Salem legislature. We should think of ways to lessen the impact of any of the anti-tax/government measures that are on the ballot in November which are approved by the voters. The committee will have a role in the accreditation of the library. The packet has been submitted for edit and the accreditation team will be here in April. The committee will discuss the increase in the library's budget. The library has recently received a $612k boost in its budget. Also, to bring the library in line with its peer institutions and to pursue ARL membership, a 2% increased in the overall university budget is expected (from 2% to 4% of Educational and General budget). Announcements from Library Committee members There were no announcements. Meeting times Before the meeting was adjourned, Larry asked for schedules/preferred meeting times for the next meeting. We will meet in the latter part of October, November, and early December for the rest of the term. Meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m. Lawrence A. Landis University Archivist Oregon State University 541/737-0540 541/737-0541 (FAX)