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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » May 12 2010 Minutes

Library Committee

May 12 2010

Voting Members Present: Jeffery Breitenfeldt, Hua–Yu Li, David Myrold, David Noakes, Stacy Smith, Tara Williams
Ex-Officio Present:Faye Chadwell
Guests Present:Jennifer Nutefall

Approval of Minutes – The February 16 minutes were approved by the committee.

ASOSU proposal regarding reserves for course readings

Sean Creighton, ASOSU Task Force Director of Campus Affairs, was invited to present on the proposal that ASOSU is developing for course work materials (i.e. reading materials, books). The proposal will address the issues of course materials and how to go about making the materials available for students on the OSU campus. ASOSU has had a lot of support from students and have gathered student signatures which will be included in the proposal to the Provost. ASOSU would like to include the Library Committee on this proposal to look at ways to address and go about making course reserves available. The Provost is currently checking with both the registrar and the library to see what course materials need to be in place. The ASOSU task force goal is to establish an ideal way to make course materials available and to standardize materials. An example would be to determine how many books should be available for every 100 students. Due to the changing nature of materials, what would qualify as course material?

The library was included in the Provostís email regarding the issue on course reserves. The library will help gather data to help the Provost on the issues. Findings will go to the Provost by Friday. The library course reserves currently have 1/3 of the bookstores materials. The issue with course reserves is with textbook publishers bundling deals. One way to look at this issue is to look at the more expensive titles that serve bigger courses. ASOSU can work with the library on an open textbook incentive opportunity as a theme for the next Open Access week. The OSU Bookstore does provide 35 scholarships each year to students to purchase books.
Action: There have been studies on the issues at other institutions. Faye will send links to the studies to any interested committee member.

Report on the 24/5 program

The pilot project has been successful; however, it is still difficult to get the word out regarding the new hours. Not many students are aware that The Valley Library is now open 24/5. The library night staff have been going around the library hourly to gather statistics on activities in the library. Three graphs were generated from the statistics which included the average number of people coming in each week, average number of people coming in per hour and where people are and what they are doing. The library is currently preparing a budget for a full academic year and should have it ready for ASOSU by next week. The budget will be given to ASOSU to take over to the President and Provost to advocate for the service. Students continue to check out study rooms and use reserve materials during these hours and it is worth having staff here to assist them. The library continues to be a place where students can come and gather.

Library Updates
  • Library Research Travel Grants – There were nine submissions for the second round. There are a lot of great submissions for the library travel grants each year, however, few will be awarded due to the limited amount of funds the Provost allocates each year. The program has been around since the 1990ís. The mission and purpose is to provide support to faculty to do research to visit archives, research collections or institutions and other areas where they might not have access to the collection and tangible items.
    Discussion:Will it be worthwhile to approach Sabah to get more money for the program for an allocation of $15,000 a year? This would allow the committee to fund recipients the full amount instead of partial.
    Action: The Library Committee is in support of this. The travel grant committee will write a letter to the Provost on behalf of Karyle Butcher to expand support to the program. The committee may consider letters of support from previous recipients as further support to demonstrate that there were products that came out of the grant.
  • The Linus Pauling Legacy Award and Dinner presentation in Portland on April 20th was a success.
  • The Library Undergraduate Research Award ceremony took place in the library rotunda on April 22 to award the two recipients: Douglas Schulte and Robinson Taylor.
  • On May 26 the library will have its annual awards for students, faculty and staff.
  • Jennifer Nutefallís 4th assessment series session with Joan Lippincott will have a focus on the Learning Commons.
  • The library is currently testing out the new furniture, Mediascape, from Steelcase as a possibility for the Learning Commons. Furniture will be in the library until May 28.
  • OSU and UofO continue to work on collaboration efforts to provide borrowing privileges.

Upcoming Event: The next Assessment Workshop will take place on April 26. Speakers will be Raynna Bowlby and Martha Kyrillidou who will present on Survey Service Quality (LibQual+).

Learning Commons space – The group working on this project received IRB approval for the survey to students. The survey went live on January 26, asking what students would like to see in the LC space. Currently there are 660 surveys received. The group will look at the results to figure out the needs for the LC space.

Library to be open 24/5 – The idea would be to have The Valley Library open Sunday–Thursday 24 hours a day. The 24/5 idea came out of a discussion with ASOSU to see if the library could be open 24 hrs. ASOSU has a proposal and will be meeting with Provost Randhawa February 17 to discuss funding. The proposed budget to run the library 24/5 is $38,000-$42,000 which includes security, cleaning, and staffing. This service would only be available to students with an OSU ID beginning at midnight.

Update from Faye Chadwell on scholarly communications work and collaborative opportunities related to managing collections

Scholarly Communications News – The librarian’s serve as resources about OA and our mandate. The library has been working with COAS on a policy to have their research materials deposited into SA. Recently COAS has adopted the first policy of any college in the country and will begin to deposit their materials into SA.

The library met with the News & Communication group on campus to talk about the work the library does to promote research visibility on campus. The first collaboration was on research on “Rice in Africa” which was released to 900 outlets.

There will be collaboration between the University of Oregon (UO) and OSU Libraries to look at collection integration, selection, and acquisition in monographs to reduce duplications and enhance both institutions collections. UO and OSU Libraries will need to sit down and talk about how to pull this off.

Action: FSLC may want to talk about faculty concerns and if the library is adequately covering what the library needs to cover. Michael Boock and Faye will be meeting with OSU faculty in March and April to talk about what they do with data they have in terms of storage/curation on campus. The faculty selected to participate is based on criteria from the subject librarians.

Discussion of proposal to allow UO faculty the same on-site library privileges as OSU faculty (details below)–Karyle Butcher and Cheryl Middleton

There was collaboration with UO last spring to talk about collections. The core of the talk was about how to get the information to faculty and students at each institution. In June both institutions put together recommendations on loan policies and proposed to limit the policy to faculty to implement quickly and then move to a discussion about other patrons. If FSLC approves the proposal, the OSU Libraries will be ahead of other institutions in a process like this. The library sees this collaboration as ‘one’ library between the two institutions. The proposal will start out with faculty. This is an opportunity to increase the value of the collections for both institutions.

Action: FSLC members approved by a majority vote to move forward with the proposal. At some point FSLC would like to revisit the proposal.

Proposed OSU/UO Collaboration Agreement
  1. We will give each other's faculty checkout access to any items that we give to our own, with the same loan period and fine structure.
    • Faculty from both institutions can borrow from both institutions with the use of their campus ID.
  2. We will not be providing Interlibrary Loan privileges
  3. We will provide Summit borrowing to each others' faculty so they can pick up their Summit items at either location.
  4. While our report addressed site-to-site borrowing via ILL, this isn't specifically included as a service. Let's agree that if any faculty wants something via ILL that the other site wouldn't normally lend via ILL, we'll contact the collection manager to work it out.

Adjourned – 5:00 PM