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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » May 6, 2009 Minutes

Library Committee

May 6 , 2009

Attendance: Karyle Butcher, Hua-Yu Li, Paul Roberts, Lee Sherman, Elizabeth Thomas, Tara Williams

Guest: Jennifer Nutefall

Approve Minutes – Approved

Journal of Current Chinese Affairs: Open Access article
Germany site: This site is doing a great job promoting open access. Lee encouraged committee members to take a look at the site. The site provides good background information on OA.

Heather Joseph, SPARC, OSU dialogue: Report
On April 2, 2009, Heather Joseph was invited to do a presentation at the OUS Libraries. Overall the committee members who could attend stated that Heather was informative, educational, interesting and knew about the issue well. Key points that Heather presented were:

  • The digital nature of open access scholarship allows scholars to do more than just read—they can make instant connections to related material.
  • The differences in open access journals, articles and to make authors aware of their rights that they are not aware of at the time of signing the agreement over to the publisher.
  • The Budapest Open Access Initiative drafted a useful and comprehensive definition of open access.
  • There is currently a directory of open access journals (4,000) that most faculty are not aware of. These journals have high-impact factors for those journals cited.
  • The policy environment is critical. There is a lot of isolated movement, but there needs to be broader policy support where open access can become “the new normal.”
  • It’s important to emphasize the “public good” when talking about open access, because this is something that resonates with researchers and the public.
  • The SPARC Web site is a great resource for open access information.

New Life@OSU Open Access Article Series
This idea came about due to the fact that the Open Access survey was rejected by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. They stated that the survey needed to be designed by a Social Scientist to be more objective. There was too much advocacy in the language and the survey should be more about information gathering. Lee is working with Faye Chadwell and Janet Webster to come up with a list of articles to write. The articles will be short, very focused and about 500 words each featuring one expert. The articles will each focus on one key element of Open Access. The purpose is to not overwhelm people with too much information, but to provide a viewpoint and information about new trends. There will be one article in each issue of Life@OSU for the next couple of years. In the past there was a faculty taskforce that did a series of great articles. These new articles will refer people to those articles (Life@OSU) so that they can go back and re-read the articles if interested.

Articles will consist of these topics:

  • Pending journal subscription cuts (Faye Chadwell) – May 14 issue (copy due May 8)
  • Author’s rights workshops (Andrea Wirth) – May 28 issue (copy due May 22)
  • OSU’s Scholar’s Archive (Digital Production Librarian, Sue Kunda)
  • OSU’s Library Faculty mandate (Michael Boock)
  • Faculty Viewpoint - What is OA and why is it important? (Pat Wheeler)
  • Editor’s Viewpoint - OA from the publishing side (John Selker)
  • Dean’s Viewpoint – OA and P&T (Sherm Bloomer, College of Science dean)
  • Business Model/Costs/Author’s Fees (Faye)
  • NIH mandate/Pub Med (Pat Hawk on compliance; medical librarian Alison Bobal’s perspective)
  • Citation rates for “green” journals/top 100 - ISI data (Collection Development Department, Andrea Wirth, Laurel Kristick, Alison Bobal)
  • Logistics of OA (Linda Lamb, COAS, Manager of Publication and Outreach Office) Ron Adams very interested in open access, if our committee is interested in doing a seminar with them, global impact of OA is another option

Other articles ideas/people to interview:

  • Research Office
  • John Cassady – interview
  • Coordinate with other schools on Open Access
  • New dean of CLA – What’s the role of humanities?


  • Update on Library Open Access Plan – Postponed/Faye was not present
  • Update on Library Journal Cuts – Postponed/Faye was not present

Library Director’s Report

  • Jennifer Nutefall is the new Associate University Librarian for Innovative User Services started on April 20. Jennifer will oversee the Instruction & User Services and Research & Innovative Services departments. Jennifer is from George Washington University (Washington D.C.).
  • The library is still waiting to hear about the budget report and how it will affect the library. There is some faculty/staff anxiety.
  • There have been several incident reports for the 2nd floor library.
  • There is a small team looking at the new Kindle reader. The first Kindle was not as good as it could have been. The purpose of the Kindle project is to provide a popular book collection. The team visited different institutions and studied circulation policies to see how others are going about using the Kindle. There will be a final report in July.
  • The library is looking at the concept of cloud computing though Amazon where the library can rent storage space directly from Amazon. The library will test some small projects first and see how it works.
  • Ideas for the next University Day, could include Open Access as the main emphasis and have a Kindle on display to show faculty and staff how to use one and what is on it.

Adjourned – 4:00 PM