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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » June 11, 2008 Minutes

Library Committee

June 11, 2008

Attendees: Faye A. Chadwell, Paul Roberts, Lee Sherman, Michael Boock and Rob Armas

  1. Approve minutes: Lee Sherman called the meeting to order and the committee approved the May 28 minutes.

  2. Begin developing the question for our faculty survey on open access/scholarly communication:
    There should be an online survey prepared for all faculty (Business Solutions). The Executive Committee approves, sends out the survey and then compiles the answers. It would be good if all the questions can be finalized over the summer. The committee should be ready to review the survey (for new members input) before it is sent out fall term.

  3. Sketch out a plan of action for next year’s priorities and goals
    1. Filling all vacancies on FSLC: The committee will need full membership next year.
    2. Conducting the faculty survey and analyzing the results: Action: Mike will contact Harvard next week for a copy of their survey. One question to include would be: Do you see open access benefiting you? The committee discussed the need for a point person so that all departments will be reached, the need to educate the faculty prior to the survey being sent out and the need for strategic connections (groups or high level faculty) to deliver some of the messages regarding open access implications. There needs to be a good explanation about author rights. The importance of adding articles to ScholarsArchive should be added to a process already in place when articles are processed at the department level. The committee would like to see a policy that appreciates the issue and provides an opt-out option.

    Brainstorming steps to achieve those outcomes:
    Getting the university to identify which publishers to choose and provide recommendations. The committee can take this issue back to the Faculty Senate.

    Advertise in OSU Today and OSU This Week to bring more awareness to both faculty and researchers. Rewrite previously released articles and re-publish in The Barometer. Use the Inform lists and follow up with a web page with more information.

    Provide a traveling PowerPoint presentation that someone in each department could show at various meetings.

    Question: How would FS identify who in the department faculty is interested in this topic? The subject librarian would know who is interested. The Faculty Senate could also use a senator to ask the different departments.

    Possibility: Have an Office of Scholarly Communication either on our campus or across the OUS system. The committee will need to pull together a coalition, such as Lee’s office, research office, librarians, the members of the FSLC committee and anyone else that could meet monthly. The university doesn’t have the ability to create a whole office like Harvard. The library web page, research home page and OSU home page could post information in a creative way (a slogan). The message should be limited to only a few key points.

    Identifying a faculty researcher to be the “face” of OSU’s open access campaign: This person will need to be someone who is respected and who knows a lot about open access (maybe Pat Wheeler from COAS could be the scholarly communication person). Action: Lee will approach Pat when launching the campaign and can do an interview with Pat to discuss the importance of open access. 

    Finalizing the desired outcomes of an effective “Access of All” campaign at OSU: Mike mentioned a quote from Harvard “The primary mission of university is to conduct research ...Action: Mike will send Lee the rest of the quote.

    Action: Lee will draft a campaign plan and run it by the committee. The campaign plan will be for next year. Lee will also contact Pat to see if she is willing to work with us as a public face. The committee will get together one more time over the summer and the survey will go out in the fall to see if faculty around campus know anything about journal cuts, open access issues, and author rights. This will tell the Faculty Senate a lot.

  4. Report from Library Staff
    Faye The library has several open positions to fill. It is the time of year where the library is very busy as students are all over the library studying for finals. At one point every seat in the library was taken. Students are increasingly using the space for collaborative learning.

    – The Smithsonian Institute will use our Meta search tool LibraryFind to help them better search their collections. Jeremy Frumkin, Emerging Technologies and Services department head, gave a presentation about the library Meta tool and the tool was well received. Negotiations are still taking place. The University of Houston is already using the tool. The library will be migrating from Summit to a new platform that is run by library services OCLC. This will vastly improve the patron search experience so that a second search is not necessary, and should be in place by fall term.

4:30 meeting adjourned