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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate » October 12, 2006 Minutes

Library Committee

October 12 , 2006

Attendees: Molly Engle (chair), Michael Boock, Michael Witbeck, Karyle Butcher (ex- officio)

  1. Welcome and announcements
    Michael Boock agreed to serve as amanuensis for today’s meeting.
  1. Old Business
    Approval of minutes June.
    June minutes will be approved at the next LC meeting.
  1. New Business
    1. ScholarsArchive@OSU institutional repository

      Michael Boock reported that Larry Landis, University Archivist, spoke to Faculty Senate Executive Committee. They asked Larry to present at the November Faculty Senate meeting about storing intellectual capital in the university’s institutional repository – ScholarsArchive@OSU.

      Molly Engle suggested that we use Survey Monkey to solicit information about faculty interest in depositing pre-print articles and other research such as gray or fugitive literature in the repository. Agreed that survey should go out after Larry Landis’ presentation.

      Agreed that the Library Committee should identify handful of faculty with an interest to serve on a focus group to discuss the institutional repository. The Library will handle lunch.

      Topics will include range of use for institutional repositories and potential uses of ScholarsArchive for storing and enabling access to research conducted at the institution.

      Agreed that a librarian should present on institutional repositories at a lecture series event such as TRIAD or Dean’s Council under the Library Committee’s auspices.

      FSLC may wish to publish another series of articles in OSU This Week; the library will do publication/impact factor reviews for the departments within Health and Human Services. Molly Engle will send Michael Boock information about the department publications.
    1. Library Advisory Committee is sponsoring a student research award. They would like an LC member to serve on the review committee.

      Michael Witbeck will notify John Pollitz that he is willing to serve on the review committee.
    1. Meeting times

      Agreed to hold one more meeting this term and possibly move to quarterly meetings rather than monthly.
    1. Committee members

      Four LC faculty committee members and 3 students are needed. Committee members should solicit members and have them contact Vickie. Michael Boock will ask a Crop Science professor if he’d be interested in serving.
  1. Report from the librarian

    Karyle Butcher reported that an individual tore paintings from the library walls.

    Karyle reported that the Library is engaged in assessment activities and asked that the LC consider how the Library assesses its value.

    Karyle also asked that LC consider student use of social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.